Vernon Macklin Tooned

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Detroit Pistons Vernon Macklin CartoonHe’s the poster boy for the December Wallpaper Calendar and now he’s been tooned.

I’m putting my money on Vernon Macklin being the Pistons breakout of the season. I’m sure the nickname will come as soon as he we see him play. Excited to see him on the Palace floor for the first time tomorrow.

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5 Responses to "Vernon Macklin Tooned"
  1. Avatar dillon says:

    Brandon knight and prince are the only good ones on the team and can someone tell me if stuckeys sighing back with detroit o and joe d hurry up and do a trade cause times winding down tic tock tic tock

  2. Avatar Parrottk says:

    You’re betting on our 25 year old, late second round pick, sub-par rebounding big to be the breakout player of the season?


  3. Avatar John says:

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  4. Avatar Craig says:

    Mack Attack?

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