Tom Gores Targeted by Mormons for 1 Million Dollars at his home

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Tom Gores

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Detroit Pistons billionaire owner Tom Gores was harassed at his house Sunday night … when two unidentified men showed up at his doorstep, demanding over a MILLION bucks for the Mormon Church.It’s a bizarre tale — we’re told Tom was specifically targeted by the duo, which tracked him down at his home in L.A.’s exclusive Mulholland Estates, the same gated community where Charlie Sheen lives.

Law enforcement sources tell us, the men knocked on Tom’s door at 10pm Sunday night, insisting he accept a delivery of an unspecified item.

Words were exchanged, but eventually the weirdos took off — leaving behind a package full of papers, one of which demanded more than a million bucks for the Mormon Church.

As for motive … unclear — except that Tom is filthy rich, worth an estimated $2.4 billion. LAPD is investigating.

A rep for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tells us, “We haven’t heard anything about this, but it certainly has nothing to do with us, and it sounds very bizarre.” Calls to Tom were not returned. Via TMZ

This may not be an issue for someone like you or I when you get two unwanted guests at your doorstep handing you a pamphlet and asking for a donation. They knew what they were doing, and you know it wasn’t just the idea of two members of the Mormon community.

Personally I have this scenero all made up in my head that Gores took matter into his own hands when trying to be strong armed for a million dollars.

Somewhere I think there are two terrified Mormons wishing they would have never dealt with with “The Gores.”

5 Responses to "Tom Gores Targeted by Mormons for 1 Million Dollars at his home"
  1. Brady says:

    Nowhere in the report does it say the the two men were Mormon. It also states that they left behind a package “full of papers” one of which demanded money for the Mormon Church. Did I miss something or was your headline somewhat misleading?

  2. Drew says:

    It’s hard to read TMZ’s crap reporting. Did any reputable sources report this same story?

  3. Tate says:

    on another note…. are we using the amnesty on gordon? it says that detroit is rumored to be going after Keith Bogans. I read it on the rumor mill on espn. just wanting to know if anybody has any information on that

  4. dillon says:

    thats all fake shit its just a rumor so no we still have ben gordon and if we did do that trade it would be stupid

  5. Yeah, buying out Ben Gordan and signing Keith Bogans. I would consider that a downgrade.

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