The Pistons vs. The Celtics

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The 0-2 Pistons are in Boston to take on the 0-3 Celtics. Someone has to win this one and I’m not sure the percentage of you that think it’s going to be Detroit after their first two games.

  • The Good: Ben Gordon looks like he may have gotten out of his funk. Brandon Knight…is the real deal.
  • The Bad: Still no Charlie V and Paul Pierce may be joining his team for the first time this season.
  • The Unknown: Just how long it takes for Lawrence Frank to call on the Knight show. How long it will take Austin Daye to get his first point of the season.

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.


27 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Celtics"
  1. Avatar Richard says:

    Let’s have more GOOD then bad!! Go Pistons!!

  2. Avatar C-Quense says:

    The Bad: Still no Charlie V?

    Best news for a long time!

  3. Avatar Drew says:

    We’re actually doing well and in the ballgame.

  4. Avatar CRA1G says:

    Natalie can you tell me one thing you like at Mateen Cleaves doing commentary. i could have sworn after the horrible job he did last year i wouldnt have to listen to this douche ever again.. he is so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Avatar CRA1G says:

    like about**

  6. Avatar zane says:

    We need a big and a shooting guard… March 1 I expect Joe to do a little wheeling and dealing Ben gordon not out of his funk he still stink ..

  7. Avatar edt says:

    Team stinks worse than last year. I figured out why. Ben Wallace can’t play the minutes and we got nothing else.

  8. Avatar terry says:

    Oof, Stuckey not looking good out there, not good at all. I think… did he almost cry?

  9. Avatar Josh says:

    Wow!! I can’t believe this team or this coaching. It’s a repeat of the last 2 seasons. Stuckey and Knight get hella minutes and Bynumite sits on the bench. I give up!

    • Avatar Josh says:

      Bulls fan now! Let’s go Rip!

      • Avatar edt says:

        And the only reason you are rooting for the Bulls instead of the Clippers which has Billups. . . . is because the Bulls are the second best team in the NBA.

        Go on. Get out of here.

        I don’t blame you too much, watching the pistons this year is unbearable.

    • Avatar Bellllissimo says:

      i personally thought it was good bynum didn’t play. i think frank needs to simplify and stuckey and bynum are basically the same player

      • Avatar zane says:

        byum … we’re not a will away from winning.. we need to be thankful this is a shorten season and if you havent’t already start looking forward to next season…because I think (I hope) Joe is watching this mess and will fix it by start of next season along with our top draft pick. If u start drinking before the games I found out its not so bad you feel a little numb and it dont hurt as much…. Drink wisely and Don’t drink and drive… bottles up.. cheers Piston fans start x out the days till next season

  10. Avatar gerdz says:

    wow we are worst than the cavs. i bet we can beat the cavs losing streak last year.

  11. Avatar edt says:

    Watchin the cavs v bulls.

    These teams are . . . REDONKULUS

    Wow. Cp3 drives to the hoop breaks 3 ankles, then the next play he drops an assist for a superman dunk to blake, then Derrick rose runs the court in 2 seconds flat, then cp3 penetrates kicks it out and mo williams ices a 3, then rose gives it to rip who sinks his midrange shot

    Compared to this, our team looks there were some guys standing on the corner somewhere in Ubeki beki beki stan stan a couple of days ago, and we said “Hey you look pretty tall want to play for the Pistons?”

    Billups is out with a “strained groin” tho to tell the truth the clippers work a lot better with him out. Billups has been unable to adjust to being the second fiddle on a team with CP3.

  12. Avatar Tycoon says:

    No team looks beatable for the Pistions now… Maybe Bobcats on the 12th game.

  13. Avatar Seto says:

    We don´t have offensive game…or defensive…everybody except Monroe is standing on the perimeter for about 20 sec and then we take a baaaad shot..I know we don´ t have true playmaker, but I believe they can pass the ball better. And I´m actually happy CV is coming back, so I don´t have to watch Maxiell doing nothing, they´re now almost the same on defense, but CV can shoot when he has his day.

  14. Avatar Drew says:

    Hey, we only lost by 11 tonight. Maybe tomorrow night it’ll be in single-digits! Woo hoo.

  15. Avatar C-Quense says:

    I think the Pistons have to go for the 1st Pick next year (and they’re doing it pretty well right now ;)) I don’t give anything on this shortened season. It’s already January, so just 4 more month of losing and losing and losing.

  16. Avatar zane says:

    shocked at the bandwagon piston fans….smh FYI winning teams are easy to root for but TRUE piston fans ride it out no matter how bumpy the ride and sigh its been one hellva ride ..Go lions I mean Go pistons….

  17. Avatar N1ck says:

    As for the team, we have a pretty bad situation. No playoffs for seasons to come… This will be known as Billups for CV & BG fiasco era.

    We desperately need to add a big and Joe D. does nothing, and continues to do so… Big Ben is over and Maxiell too. Moose needs help, Jerebko is not a “big”.

    Ben Gordon is not a bad player, but he’s a pure shooter and nothing more.
    All team has to work only for his shots, this is not the case here.

    Daye puzzles me… This is supposed to be his breakout year and he started it abysmal. Hopefully he picks up his game and soon.

    I’m all for Pistons even if we don’t make 10 wins this season, but give us some bright future lignt please! Or GTFO Joe D.

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