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The Detroit Pistons Podcast

Danny and I just went on a podcasting marathon with my good friend and former Director of Strategic Communications at the Palace Sports and Entertainment Dave Wieme.  You remember the fun we always have with Dave on the Podcast, so we have given him a permanent place on the broadcast whenever he’s available to grace us with his presence.

Dave Wieme

We touched on a plethora of Pistons and NBA info like what we may expect from the organization, Tom Gores, Joe Dumars chance in making it past this season, what happened last season, if T-Mac was a Cancer to the roster, Rodney Stuckey, what our roster might look like, T-Prince sign and trade, if I could “take” Lawrence Frank, what would happen if I had to “toon” Kaman and what our starting lineup might be.  This was a refreshing start to what should be an fun season for Pistons fans.

Make sure you listen to the podcast and follow Mr. Wieme on Twitter.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast with Dave Wieme – We Have a Season!


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10 Responses to "The Need4Sheed Podcast – We Have a Season!"
  1. Mel Crosby says:

    Hey Nat, I’m sorry but I don’t agree with your friends there. All the fans want to see is winning Pistons basketball. True it will be a little lag in fan support for awhile but once the season get going the fans will be back.
    # 1 reason , we are creatures of habit and the NBA knows this. With the way the new CBA will be it favors the Pistons. I’m born and raise in Tha D just to mention, I live in LA and forever a pistons Fan. I’m excited that Lawrence Frank is the new coach. He’s going to make some good changes to the team, the guy has passion and thats something we haven’t had since Larry Brown.

    I say let Lawrence Frank work with the same group. He will do a much better job than Q. Q was just not a head coach ,he’s better as an assistant. Joe D messed up on that one because of the sale of the team and stuff.
    If you think about it you won’t loose much if you go with the same group.
    Let Frank weed out the bad seeds.

    And I agree Rip is the cancer and everything you mentioned about him I agree with. I do like the old Rip.

    I don’t think Stuck is the same because he hasn’t had a good leader or teacher in the league. Frank and Gores will handle Stuck.

    And as much as a Ben Wallace fan I am , He’s not all that humble either.

    I’m going to leave for now , I wrote to much and might have made too many enemies.

    Peace, Mel

    • I hope you’re right about Frank Mel. I would love him to stress defense as well as make some attitude changes.

      • Mel Crosby says:

        Hey Nat, remember Frank took over the Nets when that team turned there backs on Byron Scott. They loved Frank and went on a 13 winning streak. At that time i did not like Frank myself, but what I like about him is his passion , determination and if you look at the interviews on, he’s very up front and thats what players want. Q didn’t have any of those qualities, which makes me wonder about Dumars sometimes. Also Frank was defensive coach for Boston and Doc Rivers didn’t want to let him go.

        Oh yeah the Nets was winning with Carter, Kid, and Jefferson, none of them really great defensively but there team defense was pretty good, they gave Larry Brown (us) a run for our money. And Larry didn’t like Frank cause he was a newbie coming in with no experience giving him trouble in the playoffs getting the attention he did( to be as young as he was).

        So don’t worry I know our defense will be better, once we get Jonas back. Him and Monroe are going to set a good tone for our defensive pedigree. Frank will hold everyone else accountable, remember he has alot to prove (0-16) which most say wasn’t his fault.

        Side note isn’t it interesting that the Lions even though they have a winning record now, are having similar issues like the Pistons last year.

        Enough, Peace

  2. SoliloquyMcGee says:

    +1 Mel

    If you can get past the fact that it sounds like Danny is chewing his face when he speaks you’ll soon get the impression he knows nothing at all about Detroit Pistons basketball.

  3. Danny says:

    +1 Soliloquy

  4. edt says:

    DANG, you people be crushing the grapes into whine.

    Are we really getting Kaman?

    • I think Kaman has been a dream of Pistons fans for a while now…bring it.

      • edt says:

        natalie one more thing you gotta respect charlie v it’s not pure talent that matters for our organization it’s cost effectiveness, and charlie is doing his job, sure he costs 7.5 million but he’s not the problem it’s rip at 13, and ben gordon at 12 million.

        I think you will be really surprised at just how good our team can be, we have 4 decent starters though we can disagree on which ones they are, but for the last 3 years we have been ranked 30th or worse in defense.

        If our defense becomes top 5, watch out.

        Not sure why we want kaman, he misses half the games due to injury, we need someone more durable, but I really don’t have an answer on who.

          • edt says:

            He’s not a candidate. It’s like al jefferson, hibbert, biedrins (bonus we would have to trade stuckey for beidrins) or gooden

            I would be happy with any of those picks over kaman because we are so thin at the at the block and so stacked with guards and stretch 4s

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