Tayshaun is back – Dumars hands him 27 million dollars for 4 years

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I am personally astonished by this…

“Tayshaun Prince will sign a four-year, $27 million-plus contract to stay with the Detroit Pistons, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

For the Pistons, convincing Prince to re-sign was the franchise’s No. 1 priority, and something of a coup considering the tumultuous past two seasons for him and the longstanding core of veteran players. With the market for starting small forwards thinning, the Pistons would’ve been in a bind had Prince decided to leave.” Via Yahoo

I have nothing more to say. I don’t care if he WAS a favorite, this team needed to start fresh a long time ago.

Joe Dumars officially has a very disgruntled fan.

20 Responses to "Tayshaun is back – Dumars hands him 27 million dollars for 4 years"
  1. Sharif says:

    I like the move, IF we trade/get rid of Rip or Ben Gordon. If not, then I’m not so sure about the move.

    • terry says:

      Truth is if Joe let Tay go, the Pistons would be facing a glaring hole at the sf position. I don’t really see too many better sf in the league. You also got to look at the fact that he could have easily went to another team like Miami or another contender, and instead opted to stay at a fair price. That to me says he’s committed to winning in Detroit. I say Austin easily gets his fair share of minutes (esp. with Singler staying overseas) but I don’t think he’s ready to start. Joe said it and I agree you don’t make moves just to say you made moves. I will say you gotta pull the trigger on Rip Hamilton who is way more tradable now with 1 year left in his contract and/or Ben Gordon, and it would’nt hurt to find a way to ditch Maxiel. Overall smart move to solidify the small forward position though. I don’t see why in a overall weak eastern conference this Detroit team can’t compete to make the playoffs. Let’s remember we get a moose with a little seasoning and a better coach, not to mention a healthy bigger and badder Jonas Jerebko back to stick next to the moose. Those three factors alone are a vast improvement from last year. If Joe can add one or two more impact players via trade or free agency they can realistically bounce back alot quicker than people think. Natalie!

  2. Zane says:

    Did they leave out the sign and trade or is Prince just that loyal…. WoW I really expected him to leave. As far as freash start it still can be with new owner, younger players this team still needed a veteran player to help them. I will say this if Prince stays Rip must go then let the fresh start begin…………………….

  3. Dor says:

    I’m not sure i agree with you Natalie.
    I mean, sure, I thought he won’t be offered a contract by Joe but there are few good reasons for this one, the way I see it.
    First, for less than 7 mil per season, it’s a pretty good price for a player in his caliber. and let’s face it, he still has a lot to give, if the coach know what to do with him. (Coach Q? naaa)
    Second, we do need a proven veteran except for Ben who probably will retire next year, so having one who can be a solid starter is a good desicion the way I see it.
    And last but not least, Austin Daye can still get 20-25 minutes with Prince in the lineup, so he can both develop and learn – and I think it’s valuable for the present and for the future.

    so… I believe it’ a good desicion by Joe if the next move is getting rid of Rip (altough I love him… he shouldn’t be a Piston any more) and bring a solid backup for the frontcourt of Monroe & Jerebko. hope it will happen fast and Frank will be able to start his work on making this group a unit… I truly miss this kinda basketball that only this club can play.

  4. mr. blaha says:

    This move stuns me. As far as I can tell this is not part of a sign/trade. We needed a fresh start…we all know there was only one player from the glory years worth rebuilding around and we pissed him away for AI. The only way this move makes any sense is if Rip is on the way out.

  5. Greg Kelser says:

    Piston fans; get excited for another year of awesome basketball! George and I will be commentating on the sideline

  6. edt says:

    Anyway you look at it, Prince brings defense, now we have our starting 5

    Greg Monroe

    and at the 1 & 2 pick any two guards, I would start Rip & Stuckey, but I know that’s not a fan favorite move, move knight into the 1 as the season develops.

    Look, you guys wanted Kaman, this is the first step in signing Kaman because with Prince we know we have someone reliable at small forward when Kaman gets hurt like he always does.

    Glad we got Prince, at $27 for 4 years, he’s less expensive than Charlie V, and you know teams will want to trade to obtain Prince especially younger teams that need a veteran presence, since Prince does in fact have a ring, he knows what it takes.

    • Bellllissimo says:

      no i dont believe in just rewarding veterans for being in the league longer. I know what im getting with those 2 starting. Thats a dead end, we need something knew

      def of insanity. doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result

  7. N1ck says:

    You people can fantasize all you want with your trades…
    Prince is and will be a god to me for everything he gave to this franchise and I would allways be proud to have him on my team.
    Trere was no better SF out there and Jerebko is a PF.
    Daye gets minutes too. Looking forward to this season allready.

  8. eddie c says:

    i like keeping prince, but we HAVE to get rid of Rip, Stuck, and the lot of em. Keeping ben w. only helps our defense, if not by intimidation, then by strategy.

  9. Nick says:

    Tayshaun has been making a living off of one block in 2004, since then he hasn’t been that great. Him and Rip walking back on defense and staging sit outs of practice only to get rewarded by almost $7 million for 4 years….considering a better Caron Butler just signed a similar deal I think this was a mistake and really hope FSN decides to show more Wings games than Pistons this year.

  10. Piston Ron says:

    Longtime reader, but commenting for the first time to say this:

    Tayshaun has always been my favorite player on the Pistons. However, for the sake of further championship hopes or a rekindled spark, it seems to me it would’ve been in his best interests to leave for another team. Likewise for Rip, but not for when we had Chauncey. However, it seems he wants to have his whole (or at least majority) career in Detroit, which I can absolutely respect. As long as this is a return to continued graceful action, barring everything that happened last spring, and stays healthy, I’m fine by it with respect to him.

    Joe Dumars hasn’t made a move I agreed with for years. The last time I could make sense of what he was doing was Rasheed, and that was mostly hindsight. Fortunately, we aren’t paying tons, because that’s the biggest saving grace on this with respect to the team. As for almost everyone else, a lot needs to be changed, and this may well be the best year to start doing it, to at least have some stability before the trade deadline, so that we can go into next year respectable again.

    As a *former* resident of Michigan on the outside looking in, I think the team needs the same thing the city did. An admission of missteps, accountability, and a reminder of why we *should* believe. I think this started with new ownership, but should be followed up by replacing Joe and a clear understanding of what we mean and what we’re doing (defense and team effort), plus organization from top to bottom.

    I want to be proud to say “Detroit’s going to work”, but I could use some proof that we’re working with a goal in mind, and not drifting aimlessly.

  11. Bellllissimo says:

    ok everyone needs to stop. He’s back and the last thing he needs to hear if he reads stuff is fans saying they dont want him

    he honestly could of went anywhere probably even the heat, but he chose to stay with us THATS LOYALTY he has my respect for that.

    I’m excited for the move. yes i want some moves to happen but i know i didn’t want Austin Daye as our starting SF.

    Come on guys tayshaun is a sponge he will fit in. All joe dumars needs to do is bring in a really driven passionate player as kind of a franchise player and i guarantee tayshaun shows you what he can do.

    But joe has to make a move i think for some kind of star player

  12. Leftos says:

    I don’t think I share Nat’s sentiment regarding Prince, but I will say that as much as I got to love Hamilton in the past, he wasn’t as consistent as Prince last year. So if we’re trying to rebuild and are keeping Prince, Rip needs to go.

    Prince is a veteran, and adds experience and consistency to the game, if also mediocrity the past year. He played in 78 games, got good averages, although his stats show him to be in a slow declining trend. I’ll have to agree with Boney on the matter of the contract’s length. 4 years are too many for a player his age and performance. He said 2 with an option for a 3rd would be better, and I agree.

    However, I do see Prince being an asset to the Pistons for a few more years, especially since Clippers chose Butler and gave him $24M. We’re short of options right now in the SF spot, and it’s not like Daye and Singler (who we don’t have this year) could fill it by themselves, without a trade or signing.

    So, am I excited to see Prince stay? No. Am I bothered? No, not really, except for the length of the contract.

    Thing that bothers me is that White was let go. We didn’t get to see any of him last year due to his injury, and even though he was rumored for D-League, I was really hyped about him from his college years, as an explosive SG to develop. Guess Stuckey will fill the role of 2 this year, and let’s hope that he becomes consistent on what we’ve seen him do best (and that’s not saying that his best is that good anyway).

  13. TT says:

    Good, Austin Daye is no good anyway. Chauncey is coming back, I have a feeling. Get rid of BG and let Knight back up Billups and not glorify him immediately like we did with Stuckey. Let Knight learn the game the right way. And if we keep Rip, then keep either Stuckey or BG as the back up, but not both.

    Rip/Stuck or BG
    Tay/ Daye

    That seems to me like decent playoff team(not a championship team), and the main thing is: IT HAS GOOD BALANCE.
    Bring back Billups, Knick amnesty him,

  14. daddy says:

    tay is loyal and i like that. thanks for taking a few bucks less than youre worth to bring us back to the glory days. if you guys think this is a bad deal then get out of d. he is smart plays d and needs a chance to prove himself again with a real coach.

  15. Andrew says:

    On one hand, it’s not an expensive contract. But on the other hand, he was somewhat of a brat last year and his best years are probably behind him. He’s a valuable trading chip though.

  16. Drew says:


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