See you Opening Night at The Palace

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If you aren’t heading out to the Palace to see the Pistons on Wednesday night you may want to think twice.

Click Here for some  unbelievable ticket Specials thanks to TiqIQ.  Don’t want to pay full price for the tickets ….MAKE AN OFFER!

Pistons Tickets

Hope to see you there! As always I will be Tweeting from the Palace game night.

5 Responses to "See you Opening Night at The Palace"
  1. Andre says:

    I will not buy tickets anymore until they do something with this roster. If they don’t care about trying to win, than I don’t care about driving an hour to the Palace and spending my money. I will not support this product and they should be ashamed to bring this group back out. Complacency have settle in at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

  2. Bellllissimo says:

    so people can just bid on tickets? is that the deal? is it like a tickets go to the highest bidder kind of thing or do they just approve or disapprove your offer individually?

    • You can bid on tickets that you would want…section and seat wise and the seller has the option to take your offer or not to. Pretty cool…great for most people who want a great seat but don’t want to pay full price for it.

  3. dillon says:

    where do u bid

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