Poll: How do you feel about the Tayshaun Prince signing?

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Not Tayriffic
I thought my opinion was of the majority, but I seem to be off. What do you think about the Tayshaun Prince resigning?Tayriffic

How do you feel about the Tayshaun resigning?

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8 Responses to "Poll: How do you feel about the Tayshaun Prince signing?"
  1. AL says:

    The palace prince!!

  2. Paul M says:

    I’m good with this, as long as Daye actually gets some minutes (unless he doesn’t deserve them) – Prince needs to transition into more of a Ben Wallace backup/mentor role. We’re not going to get a better 3 for the money, and we need somebody (not some second-tier rook, either) to pair with Daye (Rip at the 3 doesn’t really work) – our option is to pay more for a guy who’s more of a scrub. Plus, Prince will still have trade value down the line.

  3. gordbrown says:

    Obviously today’s big news change my vote. Between Prince and Hamilton I’d much rather have Prince. Plus I’m sure someone (Frank) has talked to Prince and Prince and the coaching staff (Frank) are on the same page. Prince in a better offense should overcome some of last year’s problems. In fact, despite all of the bullshit last year, Prince actually started to get out and run some at the very end and it really improved the team. More of that please.

  4. mr. blaha says:

    You realize that this means Joe and Co. must have zero faith in Daye. If they thought he could ball AT ALL tay wouldve been let go.

  5. Mike says:

    First of all, I love Tayshaun Prince and everything he has done for the Pistons. He was the glue guy, and played elite perimeter defense in the 04 playoffs. Couldn’t have won without him.

    BUT, Im with Nat on this one. How are we going to sign a 31 year old when we are trying to rebuild with youth? Tayshaun really can’t help this team anymore, its bad for both parties. It’s also terrible for Daye and JJ. I had my eyes on drafting Harrison Barnes next year, now there is no room. Knight/Gordon/Barnes/?/Monroe is a very nice young lineup, with capspace. We could have spent big money on a pf if we let Tayshaun walk, buyout Rip, and amnesty Villanueva. Our bench would be very strong with Stuckey, JJ, Daye, and probably some rookies. I can’t defend Dumars anymore.

  6. Pistonfan says:

    Ok who do expect to replace Tay. Jerebko? Daye? I personally can’t stand Tayshaun but he is a good player, and at the time irreplacable.

  7. Willis says:

    Daye has shown he is a great shooter and above average rebounder and defender. He needs to get starter minutes to develop.
    The tayshuan signing is a kin to the Rip signing a few years ago, this might get ugly. I do think tay has decent trade value but so did rip and we messed that up, released for nothing?

    Can’t believe a contender wouldnt offer us something for rip.

  8. Aaron says:

    “Not Tayriffic”!!

    Time to move away from the past, and get the young guys some playing time.

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