Need4Sheed Podcast – Interviews Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press

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The Detroit Pistons Podcast

Danny , Dave and just were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of Vince Ellis, the Detroit Free Press Pistons beat writer for an interview.  What better time to have Vince on then for the craziness that has surrounded the Pistons the last week.

Rip HamiltonWe talked the Rip Hamilton buyout, the Tayshaun Prince signing and why Rodney Stuckey hasn’t signed with the Pistons.  Vince, as always,  was very informative and had plenty of insight into what would have been an Amnesty situation with Rip had he not went to the team for a buyout.

We thank Vince again  and hope he comes back even if I did give him the business.

Make sure you listen to the podcast and follow Vince on Twitter if you aren’t already at @Vee_Ellis4Freep and read him over at the Freep.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast with Dave Wieme – The Vince Ellis Interview


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10 Responses to "Need4Sheed Podcast – Interviews Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press"
  1. lindsey says:

    mic issues?? doesn’t sound right.

  2. edt says:

    You got issues with the sound, either Danny or Dave in the first 15 minutes.

  3. Sorry guys, I had a mic issue that I didn’t realize was an issue until I started editing. I did my best to salvage the interview, with Vince. The rest of the Podcast had to be tossed.

  4. edt says:

    Nat you can’t have dead air, cut it more.

  5. Should sound better now.

  6. zane says:

    Restricted free agent Rodney Stuckey balking at Pistons at a potential 5year, $40-45 million offer. what the fk…. NO way Joe would offer this….. I hope

  7. zane says:

    what the fk…. NO way Joe would offer this….. I hope
    Rodney Stuckey said balking at offer
    The Detroit Pistons and restricted free agent Rodney Stuckey are struggling to come to terms on a long-term contract, sources said.
    Stuckey, the Pistons’ top free agent this offseason, is balking at what the Pistons are prepared to pay him. The Pistons have discussed a deal that would pay Stuckey between $40 million and $45 million over five years, according to sources.
    By comparison, Mike Conley agreed to a five-year, $40 million extension with the Memphis Grizzlies in November.
    Stuckey’s representatives, seeking an even bigger deal, have been contacting other teams the past few days, looking to broker a sign-and-trade deal. However, the Pistons are telling teams that they won’t agree to a sign-and-trade for Stuckey, sources said.
    If the impasse continues, Stuckey’s reps are threatening to take the Pistons’ one-year, $3.87 million qualifying offer for Stuckey, which would make him an unrestricted free agent in 2012.

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