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When I first heard the news,  “Detroit Pistons to sign Tayshaun Prince for 4 years at 27 million dollars” I was stunned.  Wasn’t this supposed to be the start of something new?  Didn’t we suffer enough during the last few years of doing nothing as far as personnel was concerned? Wasn’t this the year Joe Dumars was going to reward us because he wasn’t handcuffed by the sale and Karen Davidson? Didn’t Pistons fans suffer enough when AI stepped on the court in a Pistons Jersey?

Look, I’m OK with Tayshaun Prince, I appreciate what he did for this team when it was continually contending for Championships, but as you know they are not at the moment.  All teams go through transitional stages, all teams have to rebuild and this as we know it is what the Pistons are going through right now.

Did we really need to commit to a 31 year old for 4 years when we are really not in the Playoff hunt?

I want to see what Austin Day can do!  I want Jonas to get the bulk of the minutes.  I want youth!

The Block

If Tayshaun was clearly the vocal leader as Ben Wallace has suggested, that’s not a good thing.  Remember last year?  That team walked out!  Leaders make sure things like that don’t happen, whether they like the coach or not.

I’m happy that some of you are excited to see the 22 back on court for Detroit, but I see this as nothing more than holding on to the past for way too long.

I am a fan of this team…not its players.

This is me hoping for the best, though I don’t see much good out of it.

24 Responses to "Back in the DayShaun"
  1. sauce1977 says:

    Personally, I’ve seen enough of what Daye has to offer.

  2. papa says:

    Remember when Darko was on the Pistons, everybody wanted to see what the Human Victory Cigar could do. It turns out the Pistons management knew what he could do during the practices and workouts and that was… Next to nothing. I think this is similar with Austin Daye (not as big of a deal if he sucks though), I don’t think he’s all that impressive, he’s slimmer than Tay and he’s uncoordinated. JJ will probably start at PF eventually anyways, so he will get his minutes. If Daye was any good, the Pistons wouldn’t have even worried about getting a SF this year.

  3. sauce1977 says:

    Personally, I’ve seen enough of what Daye can do.

  4. Zane says:

    Nat … I see how this pains you.. but I’m sure Joe D is “cookin up something” You know Joe dont like to rebuild from scratch and with a new defensive coach we need defensive players or at least a vet to help teach. Tay didn’t want to go back home LA I like the move and think we stilll can move forward… in the right direction. Plus every team needs a vet ours is Tay and 1 more year Ben. c’mon Nat this team is going be ” Impactful”? .. enjoy = }

  5. Bellllissimo says:

    tayshaun was going to explore elsewhere, but then he took a arrow to the knee 😛

  6. Swarley says:

    I was just wondering if we could cockblock the Lakers from getting Dwight Howard and just trade everything for him?

  7. DJ says:

    I agree 100% Natalie! This signing makes absolutely no sense. For a person that has done his best to manage our payroll all of these years by going after bargain players, this, like the Rip resigning 2 years ago made absolutely no sense. It took me all Summer to get over the hiring of Lawrence Frank as our coach. Now I have to suffer through an entire semi season of the same mess as last year just under a new coach. Our young guys will leave & all shine elsewhere as Memo, Afflalo, Darko & all the rest have done. Terrico white will go off & become a solid player, probably better than Stuckey, Daye will most likely leave & join a team a solid back up or worse a productive starter on a young exciting team. This signing ensures us a very bad future for at least 4 years.

  8. edt says:

    I’m sorry for those who want to start Daye but he’s still 1 to 2 years away. He’ll be ready to start next year, and will have a 3 to 4 year career as a starter before he heads back to the bench. Prince is far better, that’s just how life is, hoping and wishing don’t make Daye better.

    We need depth at 3 through 5, signing Prince at that price is good, I don’t care how emotions run, this Detroit team needs to be shopping at Value Village. Which and this is no coincidence is how we won the title.

    We need good players for cheap, resign out talent for less than market, and develop our draft picks immediately.

    Rip, ben gordon and to a lesser extent Charlie V are all that is wrong with this team, signing players over their market value.

    Prince signing is good economic sense, and that’s how we are gonna win another title.

  9. He Hate Me says:

    I was and still hoping for Kaman, I would be cool with this if Rip was getting trade or something. We’re still cluttered @ some positions and have terrible contracts. I’m glad Prince is staying(well…..kinda), but there needs to be some changes.

    • Drew says:

      I feel that’s out of the question now because the Clippers just signed Caron Butler. Now we can’t do a sign and trade with Prince for Kaman.

  10. Kerghan says:

    Hard one to judge this one.

    Tay unlike Rip’s extension a few years back is not reliant on another player (BIllups) therefore he can still be useful.
    It is also still possible there are more deals to come – I would say likely rather than possibly which could change the way this signing looks.

    I have been on team Daye for a while now and still hope that he gets a real good run this season, Tay or no Tay.

    But all that being said I still think it is a wait and see approach because I honestly don’t think this roster is going to remain the same for too much longer.

  11. Riley says:

    Don’t worry Nat, you know Joe. He’s-a cooking somethin up!

  12. gordbrown says:

    Personally, this only makes sense to me if there is another shoe to drop (ie Hamilton gets a new address). But then again, signing Ben Gordon only made sense if there was another deal coming and two years later we’re still waiting. So I am with Nat and an unhappy camper today. Hoping to be wrong but not optimistic.

  13. Willis says:

    Should have let Tay walk, let stuckey walk, amnesty Rip and deal with
    Gordon and Charlie V’s horrible contracts.

  14. Col says:

    This signings not a suprise really wen u gotta think this is joe d’s last year to get it right. There’s no way he’s completley blowing it up now and going with youth, the stuckey over paying mite be next, then i think he sticks with this squad unless a stupid trade offer comes in which i cant see, bg rip and charlie have no value, so i think he’s gonna see wot frank can do with the team before any moves are made.

  15. Nate says:

    Does anyone know if Chauncey was amnestied?

    • Bellllissimo says:

      not officially yet but im almost sure it will happen. When he’s amnestied all the teams below the salary cap can put a bid on him. highest bid gets him. if no one gets him off waivers he can sign with any team

  16. Bellllissimo says:

    i get the feeling joe d did this because he didnt want to do to frank what he did to michael curry with the chauncey billups trade. And decided to let frank have tayshaun which is what frank wanted. I think joe just didnt want to throw frank under the bus like he did his other coaches.

    That being said, it sucks when you have to wait for your coach to catch up to the fans of what we already know about the players. But hey this is sports anything can happen 🙂

  17. tenz says:

    Idk why we resigned tay again this year! I love tay and what he has done for the pistons but the team need to move on. We should have singed someone like Tyson Chandler, NENE, Samuel Dalembert, david west, or DeAndre Jordan. Our team needs a big man who can play defense. I know David West isnt a center but we can tryout JJ as a 3 possibly. Now we have less salary cap space for an impact defensive player. We have scorers on our team but we dont have defensive minded players which is what we need. + a true point guard would be nice to have as well.

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