BREAKING – NBA Commissioner David Stern confirms that first 2 weeks of NBA season are canceled

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After another marathon negotiating session between the owners and players, both sides failed to leave with an agreement and apparently there is an even larger split than we all feared.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski was tweeting some quotes from Commissioner David Stern as soon as the negotiating session broke, and here you go:

  • “We tried very haard.  We made concession after concession.  I’m proud of my owners.  [They] demonstrated that they really tried”
  • “With every day that goes by, there will be further reductions on what’s left of the season”
  • “we remain very, very apart on all issues.”
  • “We have a gulf that separates us”

Stern also insinuated that the owner’s offers will get worse for players to account for NBA losses during missed games.

This is not a good sign for NBA fans.

David Aldridge also adds that the major sticking points are with contract length, annual raises, luxury tax, etc.  With those 3 specifically listed, it proves that the Owners and Players are really, really far apart.

So… Tom Gores’ ownership of the Pistons is not off to a good start.  The players are locked out, he’s not able to get any return on his investment, etc.  You’ve gotta wonder if he’s reconsidered this “ownership” thing at any point during this lockout. (Before you yell at me by saying “WELL THE OWNERS ARE LOCKING THE PLAYERS OUT!!11” – I know.  If the owners are losing money under the old CBA, why would they continue to operate under it?  That’s why they locked the players out… along with being greedy and stuff, which the players aren’t exactly innocent of.)

6 Responses to "BREAKING – NBA Commissioner David Stern confirms that first 2 weeks of NBA season are canceled"
  1. Z says:

    Sooooooooo how about those Lions…. and why is hooper not in nba2k games and will the tigers bounce back.. Lockout who hold the key Players or Owners …sigh

  2. Drew says:

    Looking forward to the Knight-Stuckey guard combo whenever the season decides to start!

  3. junior says:

    Lockouts suck, I guess at least the lions are doing good.

  4. Wenzel says:
    check out these highlights of terrico white!! 🙂 damn i hope he’s going to do some crazy dunks for the pistons when the lockout is over!

  5. the fan says:

    what would our draft position be next year if the lockout goes all year?

  6. Backbypopularopposition says:

    yoooooo lockout could very well be over on dec 9 games starting on christmas with a 66 game schedule, am i the only one excited to see what joe dumars does now that he has had a couple months to step back from the team and evaluate? EEEEEEE

    come on make a post Detroit wins championship this year 🙂

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