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It’s been a while since did a link drop, but considering there is some news to report here goes.

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  1. Riv says:

    DaJuan Summers never was able to crack the rotation. With more playing time, I think one day he could be useful for some NBA team. But for now, going to Italy to play for a team is his best bet. With this season in limbo, he really has nothing to lose.

  2. daddy says:

    I love T Mac as you guys might have already known. I’m glad we got him in a pistion uniform and hopefully he taught some of the guys how to score and a few trick tips. Now i hope he goes to a team that can give him more playing time and a chance to compete everynight. Maybe the bulls are regretting not signing him and will pick him up next year.

    • Drew says:

      I think T-Mac got more playing time than he could’ve imagined with Detroit. He got to start dozens of games, and we even let him play point.

      • daddy says:

        yeah he did play a bit for a few games but im talking about getting a stable amount of time without being sore and not from ppl sitting out during practice. he did get a lot of time but id like to see more he is still very young.

  3. junior says:

    man tmac and stuckey played well together wish we would have played them more with stuckey at pg and tmac at sg though.. good luck in the future tmac.

  4. Jon L. says:

    I find it interesting that Kuester went to the Lakers to be an assistant coach.

  5. BadBoy says:

    I was playing some NBA 2k11 with the ’89 pistons. Shooting the lights out with Isiah is nothing but beautiful beautiful nostalgia. (to who cares, i scored 75 on Steve Kerr’s ass!) With this being said, a few months ago i commented on here saying the pistons needed to draft a “true” pg in either Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker. I got my self torn a new one for calling either one of them true pgs. Regardless, i got what i wanted, and am now willing to defend Knight all season. I have high hopes for this kid and truely believe Monroe and Knight will be the face of our organization in a way that Jennings and Bogut are. Idk where i’m going with this post, but it feels good to do some pistons ranting. We seem to see a small, small light at the end of this tunnel, lets hope the front office can make the necessary moves to get us fully out and back to real contention.
    Go Pistons
    Go JoD
    Go Gores
    Go Knight


  6. edt says:

    mike woodson, patrick ewing, lawrence frank, kelvin sampson, bill laimbeer

    That’s the short list I have been reading about, woodson got the 2nd call back, ewing is on gores short list, and I read about frank & sampson from one of the links above.

    Of all those names, seriously, laimbeer looks like our best bet. ewing is too fresh for a head coach job, woodson is not an upgrade over kuester.

    I think unlike any other fan in the metro area I was happy with kuester as our coach during his time here. I knew our team stunk and I knew the losses would be blamed on the coach and on our best players, instead of where the blame rightfully belonged on Joe D for building a team of made up almost entirely of lankly nonathletic no defense, small forward, excellent shooting, face to the basket, 6th men.

    But to go to the next level I would like to spend money on a coach. I don’t want a mike woodson when it’s time to make a playoffs run.

    • daddy says:

      I am not a fan of woodson at all. He did bring atl to the playoffs but that really doesnt say much in the east. Their offense was too basic dump it to joe and let him go iso. He reminds me of a faster pace mike brown. I’m actually not a fan of any of the coaches you said were listed. I do blame joe for somethings but he couldnt pull off any trades the last year so lets see what he does this year. If he doesnt make some trades and gets this team better ill start calling him out then.

  7. Drew says:

    Minnesota just fired Kurt Rambis, so we’d better snatch Laimbeer up before they do.

  8. Tate says:

    I just saw on the espn rumor mill that the finalists for the head coach position are Woodson and Frank……. Say it aint so! Im not a fan of either one..

    • Drew says:

      Frank sucks! Woodson is mediocre.

      • Tate says:

        we have been saying the whole time that we need an experienced coach, and finally when we have interest in a couple, they suck!!! Id rather have Laimbeer or Thomas, eventhough Laimbeer has no NBA head coaching experience, either one of these guys would work.. At least they know and remember what kind of team Detroit needs to be.

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