33 Responses to "Join the Need4Sheed while we Live Tweet the 2011 NBA Draft"
  1. Minibeast says:


  2. junior says:

    well i guess joe d liked stuckey at sg more than i did, unless he puts knight at sg. i think stuckey is by far a better pg than knight. i hope im wrong cuase i dont want this to be a wasted pick hopefully knight and stuckey play great together. CYA RIP.

    • Drew says:

      How about Knight come off the bench cuz he’s only 19 or 20? Or trade his crybaby ass to somewhere else. I don’t care.

  3. junior says:

    shoulda took markieff

  4. Chad says:

    Ship rip, and stuckey and I’m for it.

  5. Jake says:

    Screw stuckey sorry but trade him is knight time baby

  6. Jake says:

    Let prince go trade stuckey for his replacement and u have knight gordon Jonas and Monroe

    • junior says:

      or u keep stuckey let prince and rip go and you have a core of knight stuckey bg jj monroe and daye. that sounds better to me.

  7. junior says:

    a little bit of sports science on knight.

  8. Jake says:

    I’m a die hard uk fan and a die hard piston fan so u can see why I’m excited

  9. MT says:

    Maybe Joe D is trying to mold a new Isiah Thomas/Joe Dumars 2.0 version…. who knows…… Like previously mentioned, a trade may be in the works. Time will tell.

    • Chad says:

      Joe needs to realize that what worked in 1988 does not work in modern times – a team of hard workers will never beat a team of superstars.. The NBA seriously needs to contract.. Every year 80% of the teams have no chance.

      • MT says:

        Times change, that is true. But I don’t agree with your comment. Not even 80%. Don’t forget the 2004 Pistons they did beat the Lakers. Let’s not forget the 3 headed monster that got beheaded by the Mavs. The Mavs do have great team players with Nowitzki being thier superstar. When the start of the season came around did you even think the mavs would get passed the 2nd round of the playoffs… let alone win the championship. I don’t think so… David Stern needs to contract…. He’s making the NBA look like the WWE…. Creating Hero’s and Villains what kind of S@#t is that?

        • Chad says:

          I saw the mavs as another version of the heat/celtics/lakers – Kidd, dirk, Marion, Chandler, Terry..

          • MT says:

            Kid is a shell of his former self. He will go down as a superstar but in no way did he perform like one this finals. A Decent guard at best. Dirk Yes, Marion and Chandler considered superstars? what are you smoking? You are going to compare them to the likes of Lebron, Wade, Peirce, Garnett and Kobe. Next thing you’ll tell me is Iverson is the best point guard ever…. Take your crack pipe and smoke it somewhere else…..

            • Chad says:

              Well.. I was right, wasn’t I? I wasn’t comparing Marion to Kobe, keep twisting my words to suit your argument.

  10. junior says:

    EDT where are you?

  11. Jake says:

    I doNt like stuckey

  12. junior says:

    sf-summers/33rd pick?
    yeah i know i left out maxiell rip whitetmac prince and. . .anyone else? they are not important trade them get what u can and move forward with this young fast core.

    • Drew says:

      1 through 5: Stuckey, Daye, Jerebko, Monroe, M. Gasol. (I can hope, right? We do have $11 mil to spend.) Backups: Bynum, Gordon, Knight, Summers, Villanueva, Maxiell, Wallace. There’s 12 right there, with room for two more draft picks.

      • Detroit89 says:

        thats a terrible lineup. Daye is not a guard, one. I have no idea why you think Daye would be made into SG before Gordon, bynum or Knight.

        – Stuckey / Bynum
        – Knight / Gordon
        – Daye / Maxiell
        – Jerebko / Villanueva
        – Monroe / Wallace

        • Drew says:

          Daye plays like a guard and think back to the New York game where he played 2-guard and all the problems he caused them for a Detroit win.

    • junior says:

      damn i knew i was fogeting someone cv31!!! sorry man.

  13. Jake says:

    Knight will b a good pg

  14. Detroit89 says:

    “All Daye, All Knight”

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