It’s Gores Time – The Podcast! With Special Guest Dave Wieme

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The Detroit Pistons Podcast

It's Gores Time!

Danny and I just went on a podcasting marathon with my good friend and former Director of Strategic Communications at the Palace Sports and Entertainment Dave Wieme. With Tom Gores now officially the owner of the Detroit Pistons we had a ton of things to talk about. So much so that I had to cut the podcast in two. That much you ask…yep!

Dave WiemeWe talk the about the worth of the Pistons and the Palace Organization, Tom Gores, the Rip trade scenario, The NBA Finals, the DB’s in Miami, Kuester, coaching, winning, and not winning, Stuckey, heck I could go on and on, but I would rather you take some time and listen to Dave and his nuggets of wisdom about a team he worked with for most of his adult life.

And he’s funny…so make sure you are following him on Twitter. (We were actually live tweeting during this podcast)

I wasn’t kidding when I said we went on and on, the first half alone is about an hour long.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast with Dave Wieme – It’s Gores Time


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Second half to follow….and me live tweeting the Gores Press Conference Thursday afternoon at 4:30!

9 Responses to "It’s Gores Time – The Podcast! With Special Guest Dave Wieme"
  1. The Fluidics says:

    Rumor has it new uniforms are on the way?

  2. Yoda Joe says:

    I can see why he’s the FORMER Director of Strategic Communications at the Palace Sports and Entertainment . he’s clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. as recently as 2009 the pistons were the #4 revenue generating franchise. and in 2009, we stunk.

  3. 313 FOLK says:


  4. Conway Eastwood says:

    “Chris Bosh looks like a dinosaur.”

    Chris Bosh is a real-life Toronto Raptor.

  5. Amer-ican Prince says:

    love the podcasts they full of one liners haha

    hey does anyone know where i can watch the press conference for gores? i mean on tv i know its on but i want a tv channel if anyone knows gracias muchachas y muchachos 😀

  6. Sean says:

    In regards to the trade, the Pistons have to keep their 8th pick and add another player, hopefully Bismack Biyombo. We’ve got to keep adding pieces through the draft. I don’t see how that ridiculous trade helps us at all. We’ll be able to trade Rip somewhere else b/c his contract is not so bad now that another year has passed. We have to be patient.

  7. Darlene says:

    Thank you, Natalie, Danny and Dave! Enjoyed listening to some of my favorite Pistons folks sharing their thoughts and of course making me laugh.

    Looking forward to the next podcast.

    Take care everyone!

    Go Pistons!

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