It’s Gores Time – The Podcast part 2 With Special Guest Dave Wieme

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It's Gores Time!

Remember me telling you that Danny and I just went on a podcasting marathon with my good friend and former Director of Strategic Communications at the Palace Sports and Entertainment Dave Wieme?  Well I wasn’t kidding at all.  The podcast was so long I had to cut this one it two.  If you missed the first part don’t fret, you can listen to it right here.

Dave Wieme


The second half of this thing covers many things , the “Rip” trade, Need4Swede, the lack of a point guard, the All Star Game, The Finals, The Miami Heat, and so much more.

Like the first half we went all out, this isn’t G rated so be aware.  And be sure to follow the very funny Mr. Wieme   on Twitter.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast with Dave Wieme – It’s Gores Time Part 2


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18 Responses to "It’s Gores Time – The Podcast part 2 With Special Guest Dave Wieme"
  1. Avatar junior says:

    i definetly dont do that trade if im the pistons, everyone gets something good but us. we get rid of rip but i think we could figure something out that we at least get something back or even nothing . but to give up rip and our 8th pick? hell no. baseball is the most boring sport ever to watch. that being said i do like to play baseball just cant stand to watch it. i do like the high jump dunk contest idea. in dont watch the all star game until the fourth quarter, that is when they actually sorta try to win. dallas will win in 7 they are to good of a team. miami is not there yet. how about dirk playing thru the finger injury AND him having the flu? not soft guys not at all. they wont get chris paul, maybe nash. danny no way rip gets the mvp, u may b right on everything else though, including rip shutting down those players. yagermeister is my drink of lore. yager bombs ughhh. never drink 9 of those in one night. brian hill cmon nat u know who danny was hinting at,, i even knew. i think he might be a great fit, it seemed to me that when the players were acting out towards q he would talk to the players and it seemed they were listening. i always wondered during this season why we didnt hire hill instead of q. q was the guru of panic, or the guru of the clipboard. great at making x’s and o’s (kindergarten teacher must be proud!!) but he had no person to person skills at communication. for fucks sake stuckey is going to be our point guard, why does everyone think he is a sg? he played that spot and was not very good at it in my opinion. no one in chicago is saying they need a pure pg there rose is the same type of pg as stuckey just better than stuckey, if stuckey can play every game like he finished up the season then he could be on par with rose. i live 150 miles from the palace but i still make it to at least 4-5 games a year. keep the podcasts going guys i love the job u do.

  2. Avatar Conway Eastwood says:

    I love how ya’ll were dead wrong about Miami defeating Dallas 4-1.

    • Avatar Danny Bohnlein says:


      Unless Natalie edited it out, I picked Dallas to win it. My reasons for picking Dallas was that it would be hard for Miami to win 2 of 3 in Dallas.

      I was a little wishy washy on it, but at the end of the day I called it that Dallas would win. My reasons were 1. because Miami has lost a Game 7 on their home floor before – 2. Dallas could win in Miami, and their roster had just enough names on it to where the role players who have a history of being able to shoot well from 3, would do that on their home floor in Dallas.

      • Avatar Conway Eastwood says:

        With the exception of you, of course. IIRC, you picked Dallas to win in six games, which was how it turned out of course.

  3. Avatar Franz says:

    Sorry, it’s kind of off topic but this just had to be shared:

    🙂 Ridirkulous!!!

  4. Avatar 韩伊官网 says:

    韩伊官网 来过了,期待博主回访。

  5. Avatar junior says:

    maybe we could get marcus morris and vucevic, look at this trade from yahoo sports.
    Houston continues to offer the 14th and 23rd picks in the draft to move into the top 10, and could have a willing partner with the Detroit Pistons at No. 8. The Pistons have told teams they won’t trade down until they see who drops to them on draft night, sources said. In what could be an interesting window into the Pistons’ preferences, San Diego State forward Kawhi Leonard worked out for Detroit on Monday, and shortly thereafter cancelled his Wednesday workout with the Milwaukee Bucks, who have the 10th pick. Several executives believe Leonard may have left Auburn Hills with a guarantee.

  6. Avatar The Fan says:

    So whats the speculation around here. I see that yahoo is saying we might get Jonas Valanciunas, C.

    How does everyone feel about picking him up if he can’t play the first year?

  7. Avatar Drew says:

    Is Tristan Thomas a PF? If so, we can go for him. Or maybe we’d take Biyombo or Markieff Morris. I just want a PF or C. Whatever we get, Monroe would be the complement.

  8. Avatar Tate says:

    I say we just forget about the draft for a moment and explore the possibility of going after Josh Smith from the Hawks while they are trying to let him loose. Im not sure how to make that work, but hes only 25 and he seems like he would be a good fit. I dont know, it sounds good to me…


    what do you think?

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