Combos – The Official Snack of The Detroit Pistons

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Endorsed by Joe Dumars!

Joe Dumars Loves CombosAvailable at the Palace of Auburn Hills in a variety of similar flavors!
Featured Flavor – GUARD

9 Responses to "Combos – The Official Snack of The Detroit Pistons"
  1. Damien W. says:

    OMG. I swear, I’d buy that if you put that on a shirt Nat! *Holds up Guard flavored Combos* Taste like similar! 😀

  2. Tate says:

    nice combos… i like the singler pick he seems legit

    • John says:

      Tell me how Duke players fair in the NBA??? They mostly all turn out to be sub par players and out of the league quickly…



      There were better players on the board at that spot and they swung and missed…

      Tyler Honeycutt, Benson, ect. Were going to look back 2 or 3 years down the road and see that the players that we passed on were the right fit “Tyler Honeycutt” than Singler.

      Mark it down and put it in a book…

      It is so written here Friday June 24 2011…

      • dd3 says:

        Knight is from Kentucky, not Duke. He is a freshman that led his team to the final 4. He is coming behind a slew of great guards coached by Calipari. Not sure if you ever heard of Derek Rose? John Wall? Tyreke Evans? or even Eric Bledsoe? all very good guards in this league. All said to NOT be pure point guards & all guided their respective college teams to championship games. Due to Kentucky only having a 6 man rotation, Knight was forced to be more than just a pg. They didn’t have a deep team & he still put up great numbers & they won because of it. The kid is a winner & definitely fills a position of need. All of the bigs that were taken from overseas put up modest numbers at best. I doubt any of them blow up in the NBA to be the next Dirk or even Darko. In a “weak” draft, we actually got a player that can grow to become a star or at the very least a solid PG on a young up & coming team. IMO

  3. junior says:

    singler? damn benson and tyler better not turn out better than him.

  4. Fariduddin says:


  5. Sandhya says:

    Awesome dude… 😛

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