The Pistons vs The Bobcats

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The Pistons vs. The Bobcats

The 28-51 Pistons are in Charlotte to on the 32-47 Bobcats. A win in Charlotte will not only help me win a bet I made earlier this season but it will also prevent the Pistons from avoiding the first 12-game road slide since the mid 1990s.

  • The good: Pistons now have another former top-10 pick looking to resurrect his career in Wilcox, who’s averaged 11.8 points while shooting 67.6 percent over his last 13 games .
  • The bad It could be worse! The Pistons 11 game drought that dates back to Feb. 9 still has a ways to go to match the franchise worst 19 game road skid from 1980-81.
  • The unknown: Will Chris Wilcox score 50? Wilcox has averaged 11.8 points while shooting 67.6 percent over his last 13 games.

Last chance to see the Pistons this season. Get tickets for Monday (last Pistons home game) nights game for as low as $3!

Tip off is at 6:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at¬† or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

23 Responses to "The Pistons vs The Bobcats"
  1. Avatar junior says:

    i hope we can get this win tonight so i can go home and watch a win after work. i missed the last two. i think we should sign wilcox to a 2 year contract he is playing really well next to monroe, those two compliment each other well cuase wilcox is very athletic and get do the ahtletic things that monroe is lacking. GO PISTONS.

  2. Avatar junior says:

    no pic?

  3. Avatar junior says:

    damn gravatars.

  4. Avatar blamu2 says:

    the unknown: will wilcox score 50? <— i see the crazy is taking over

  5. Avatar UtesFan89 says:

    Admittedly its only about half-time, but the 50 for Wilcox seems to have hit a roadblock known as “foul-trouble”.

  6. Avatar junior says:

    this is the stuckey we have all envisioned, we resign him and with a better coach next year he can be pushed to play this way every game, i think.

  7. Avatar junior says:

    WHOA!!! i just looked at the quarter break down for points, we gave up 40 in the first and we are up 8 in the fourth? wow nice guys. (not the 40 point give away, the come back).

  8. Avatar junior says:

    dj white he still plays?

  9. Avatar junior says:

    DAMN our bench is tearing it up!!!!

  10. Avatar piston_fan_phl says:

    Great comeback by the pistons at the 4th. I like it when Charlie V. hits the 3 and quiets the crowd lol.

  11. Avatar Drew says:

    Charlie always tears up the Bobcats.

  12. Avatar Hk2010 says:

    Pistons are undefeated under Tom Gores, just sayin.

  13. Avatar junior says:

    hey nat.

  14. Avatar junior says:

    i found out what was the problem with my pic, im at work and while im at work i use like 3 different computers while im here. well the one ive been using today for some reason i had a different email address down, that was auto saved to this computer. so my gravatar address wasnt the same. thats why it wasnt working, it was my fault.

  15. Avatar daddy says:

    after getting a new coach we can see what moves need to be made.

  16. Avatar Col says:

    i know its early to talk new coach but i think mike brown’s got to be a favourite, coach’s a great defence which is exactly what we need.

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