Dennis Rodman’s Jersey Retirement, and a game against the Bulls

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There is a game going on at the Palace tonight against the Bulls, but with mathematical playoff elimination set aside the only thing that really holds any significance is the Return of Rodman.

Dennis will have his jersey retired at halftime of the Pistons-Bulls game Friday night (tonight). No it’s not an April Fools day joke like we all thought it was initially, this is the real deal and Dennis is in Detroit and was at the Pistons morning shoot around.

Watch a little Dennis history before the game tonight and enjoy The Worm at his finest.
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Congrats Dennis! And don’t forget about the Dennis Rodman Desktop Wallpaper.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

16 Responses to "Dennis Rodman’s Jersey Retirement, and a game against the Bulls"
  1. Jon says:

    Rodman is well deserving of this jersey retirement. He was a solid defensive force and won championships. Even though he was crazy, he was still a very good player.

  2. Enoc (Mexico) says:

    The Worm is in the House!!!
    We need someone with his basketball IQ and heart!
    Well deserved jersey retirement!

  3. BAD BOYS #10 says:

    OH! My Nat did you lead the boo’s for karen-davison?…LOL Bad Boys good to take a trip back down memory lane………………….

  4. edt says:

    best part of the evening was that big boo for karen davidson

  5. The Fluidics says:

    Booing Karen D and Joe on a night that was a celebration of the Pistons was straight classless.

    That said, it was great seeing everyone, and I’m not even mad at the loss, the Bulls really are that much better.

    • edt says:

      what’s the matter, do you have stockholm syndrome?

      • The Fluidics says:

        I just think disrespecting the wife of your late owner is equal to disrespecting your late owner. That’s Orlando Sentinel, not Detroit Pistons.

        • edt says:

          I understand where you are coming from, but I’m sorry, he passed away over two years ago. Karen doesn’t love the pistons. Isn’t this only the third time in two years that she’s watched a game? We love the pistons. The only thing Karen loves is money.

          It would be different if it was 2009. But it’s 2011.

          • I’m siding with Fluidics on this one, though I’m not happy with the situation or Karen there was no place for boos last nigh and no reason why it had to make Dennis upset (and it did).

            And being that I have been to more than half of the games since Mr. D passed I have to say she’s been there 70% of the time I’m there.

            But yes EDT she doesnt care the way Bill did or we do.

            • junior says:

              i personally thought it was funny, and i was there i was laughing, if she didnt want that reception maybe she should have sold the team say. . . . 10 months ago. yes it was a celebration for rodman BUT we werent booing rodman we were booing karen, we basically tanked this season cuase she didnt sell this team when she should have. that meant joe d couldnt make any moves. that meant we didnt get any better and that i am going to boo every time i get a chance. i say this sell the team and she solves the problem, then joe d can solve our losing problem.

  6. chris says:

    Man, I saw those boos for Karen and Joe coming a mile away. As soon as I saw that they were sitting there I was like, “The reception will not be too warm.” Granted, this night was about something much bigger than those two and it was supposed to be a time of celebration, but can you really blame the fans? Joe’s run the team into the ground a bit and Karen’s tenure as owner has been bumpy to say the least. Great night and game though. Glad to see Rip playing like Rip and showing people he still has gas in the tank. Bulls are scary though and are one of the reasons I’m so anxious for the playoffs this year.

  7. pistonsfan101 says:

    Clippers have a better record than us……

  8. N1ck says:

    Yeah get over it…

    Rodman is my all time favorite player. He was a hard work winner.
    This team today… Total opposite…

  9. MrRockinWTB says:

    That wasn’t the time to voice displeasure with Mrs. D or Joe. Yeah she may not care they way her late husband did but how many of your wives or girlfriends care about the Pistons the way you do? And yeah Joe D has made some head scratching moves. But, people this is Detroit!!! Who really wants to come here to play unless we are winning? And even then it was hard to get talent! The only big signing we had after we won the Championship was McDyess! Joe can only do so much! You can’t make people trade with you especially when you have crap to work with! We’ve got 6’10 and 6’11 guys who won’t rebound nor defend who would want that? Besides Tay, Monroe and Rip who could actually help a contender right now?
    I guess we’ll see next year when our “savior” Jerebko comes back! Maybe we’ll win a whopping 35 games!

  10. daddy says:

    wow the clips do have a better record and they play in the west. we have a lot more better players all i can say is that the motivation and coaching isnt there. del nergro is not the best coash either. maybe we should start running and gunning its better than what we are doing for now.

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