A Pistons win that nobody sees and Darko’s Ring!

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So the Pistons finally won one even with Brook Lopez putting up a career high 39 points against the Nets.

If you weren’t at the Palace Wednesday night, you most likely didn’t get to see this rare no-televised 109-116 victory. So the Best I can give you is the recap highlights from Pistons.com.

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/teams/pistons/2011/04/07/NJNRecapwmov-1627107.flv /]
Video courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and the NBA

Key Points:

  • It’s no Joke… and don’t think I’m not dropping some money down for Charity for a chance to win Darko Milicic’s Championship ring. It’s legit, for 10 dollars you can purchase 5 raffle tickets to win Darko’s Pistons 2004 Ring. I would love to win it, but I would be happy if one of you did too! I wore one once…how cool would it be it do it again?

The Ring

  • Winning Darko’s ring is probably more important than Detroit actually winning their 27th game of the season.
  • Another stellar night for Greg Monroe who dropped a 20 and 10 double-double on the Nets. For good measure he even added 2 blocks and 2 steals to the mix…boy do I love this Kid.
  • I can’t wait to see Monroe and Jonas on the same court together.
  • So Rodney Stuckey doesn’t play for 8 consecutive quarters and then dumps in 22 points with 10 assists (double-double). I want to say WTFudge…well you know, but all I can do is shake my head.
  • Someone is going to pay some cash for Chris Wilcox’s services next season. Boy he knows just when to step up his game.
  • Richard Hamilton another of coach Kuester’s besties led the Pistons with 25 points and an assist short of a double-double himself.
  • No time for McGrady, Kuester wanted to rest him after giving him more than 30 minutes the night before.
  • No Deron Williams for the Nets.
  • Oh Ben Gordon, what has become of you?

Greg Monroe: “We were having trouble with Lopez and it worked We were able to make a little run and get a little distance coming down the stretch. I would think switching the defense was the big difference. The guys kind of caught their breath sitting back in the zone a little bit and the defense started starting some offense for us, too.”

  • Should we celebrate because the Pistons matched their wins from last season?

It was a refreshing break for me, I didn’t see the game nor did I hear it, although it’s just my luck that I’m not at a game that they actually win. It’s been a long season and with all the drama, I’m happy to start fresh (if we can) next year.

If you were at the game, please let us know in the comments.

We’ll be ok…I think.

21 Responses to "A Pistons win that nobody sees and Darko’s Ring!"
  1. Avatar Marvin Jones says:

    I actually saw the game on TV last night, it was on Direct TV channel 757, it was a weird analog feed with Blaha and Mahorn broadcasting thanking people for joining them on the radio. It was a very entertaining game. I wonder did anybody else accidently get the game.

  2. Avatar edt says:

    nba league pass had the game as usual. it was a pretty low energy affair except for the 3rd quarter when the palace came to life for a few minutes when we pulled ahead by 10.

    if anyone wonders why your guy ben gordon doesnt get minutes . . . ben gordon doesnt guard, he lets people blow by him, he passes up shots, and he doesnt generate assists. Rip by contrast creates beautiful shots without the ball, stuckey was holding the ball, waiting for rip to come off the curl, and rip was dead accurate, Rip stepped up his defense, got a hand up and his feet in front of his opponents.

    Rip is just a lot better than Ben Gordon, he deserves the minutes. Gordon he is not good right now.

    I mean you can put Gordon’s problems on our point guard be it tmac or stuckey or bynum, but you could see how Rip was communicating with Stuckey last nite, so you can’t put all the blame on our lack of a point guard.

    You gotta feel bad for Ben Gordon he’s just been an awful disappointment. Charlie V cant defend, but he can definitely throw the rock if you put it in his hands, something Ben Gordon cant do.

    I like how Rip and coach Q are working well together. Even though Q is gonna be gone, this bodes well for our future. This whole team dysfunction thing has been awful for the last 4 years, and I think our chemistry is getting better.

  3. Avatar Marcell says:

    Hey. I live in Southwset Florida and still make a couple games a year.

    • Avatar junior says:

      dam man you have family up here? i know you dont come up here to just go to the game or enjoy our sweet weather. lol.

  4. Avatar Marcell says:

    Did I mention it’s 87 right now

    • Avatar gordbrown says:

      Heading to Florida for Allman Brothers outdoor extravaganza next weekend (Thursday to Saturday) Know its not as warm in the North (just south of Georgia line on Suwanee River) but thanks for the weather update.

  5. Avatar junior says:

    how about stuckey? thats the pg i want to see every game, and i think in the right offense/defense/coach that he is capable of those numbers every night. MOOSE!!!! thats all i have to say. even im impressed with moose and i was one of his few supporters before we drafted him. hes already better then i thought he would be after 2-3 yrs of playing. hope we can find another this year in the draft.

  6. Avatar junior says:

    great article and kinda goes into a little detail on rodneys benching last couple of games.

  7. Avatar junior says:

    i went to the site now i just gotta get my pic set thanks nat.

  8. Avatar Pistons4ever says:

    Dammit .. I wanna participate in that Championship-ring raffle but you can only pay with a credid card and I dont have one 🙁

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