The Pistons vs. The Knicks

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The Pistons vs. The Knicks

The 24-44 Pistons are home to face an old friend and help raise money Friday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  Detroit faces Chauncy Billups and the 35-32 Knicks while hosting their annual Pistons Care Telethon to raise money for The Boys and Girls Club of Michigan.

The Knicks have won four in a row against Detroit, including both meetings this season.

The Pistons have dropped 12 of 17 since last winning consecutive games on Feb. 4 and 5

  • The good: Detroit is coming off a win.
  • The bad: Chauncey loves the Palace
  • The unknown: Will the lineup change work again? Or will be seeing another variation?

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Go see Chauncey for as low as $5 dollars and Donate to the Pistons Care Telethon if you can!


Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.

9 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Knicks"
  1. piston_fan_phl says:

    charlie V is on fire! Stucky doing a great job against melo.

  2. junior says:

    we beat ny and theres 1 comment? cmon guys. there were so many things we did well in this game namely DEFENSE, we actually played some. big ben, stuckey ( on melo? seriously, WOW) monroe bynum. everyone chipped in. also some nice offense. bynum saved us huh? great game wish i woulda went.

  3. gordbrown says:

    I feel bad for the reason why, but maybe someone will finally notice that the Pistons are better when Hamilton doesn’t play than when he does. Also beating NY with Melo feels great. Finally, with the strength of their remaining schedule Pistons should show significant improvement over last year, which is a hopeful sign for the future.

  4. terry says:

    If they would only share the ball like this every night making the playoffs wouldn’t be a question.

  5. Chad says:

    Wilcox was a highlight reel.. weird.

  6. edt says:

    ok i lied i do have one comment to make.

    attention pistons players, did you see how monroe got dunked on with a vicious tomahawk by stoudemire? It was IN YOUR FACE and amare elevated from so far away, but he just extended and made a poster.

    My comment is did you see monroe? Right IN FRONT. Did you see him? Hands up. Did you see him? Monroe did not get out of the way, he did not play matador, he took contact, he failed completely and utterly and he GOT INTO THE POSTER.

    Did you see that Charlie V? Did you see that Ben Gordon? How about you Austin Daye?

    that’s how you play defense. Get into the poster, move your feet, get in front of your man. If he dunks on you he dunks on you.

    Mucho respect for the moose. I’m sure others look at it and only see that amazing dunk. But I look at that and see a man who is defending like a pro. Feet square hands up, IN FRONT OF YOUR MAN. That’s how you do it.

  7. Tycoon says:

    Wow Wilcox made the difference! Nice win!

  8. terry says:

    Loved watching Carmelo struggle. I want to see him fail for squashing our New Jersey deal that would have seen Rip in a new Jersey and us with a 7ft center. Silly grudge I know, but still… it was almost perfect (sniffle) };^)

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