5 Responses to "The Pistons are Toast"
  1. Oliver Cloazoff says:

    I think Stuckey is toast, after his courtside comments about how the “Old Pistons liked to Grind it Out… but we like to run up and down the court.”.

    yeah, but the Old pistons won games

  2. Marcell says:

    I really enjoyed this post. We certainly need a laugh. Did anyone see this over at NBA.com? I’ve read it several times and pretty much says everything. I think we are only spinning our wheels if you think things will change this off season without new ownership or even into next season for that matter until we get a new owner.Draft picks, development of our young players don’t mean anything without good leadership.

  3. blamus says:

    you guys actually want them to go to playoffs? what are you retarded?

  4. N1ck says:

    That’s right, we have no business in the playoffs.

    But a big no to tank, stay true to the game.

  5. tim* says:

    If it made the Bad Boys era logo I’d be all about it. I’ve never been crazy about the Pistons look since then (teal through now).

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