The All-Star Break – Breakdown Podcast

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The Detroit Pistons Podcast

The Pistons All-Star Break Breakdown Podcast.

Need4Sheed PodcastDanny and I are back with a new episode of the com Detroit Pistons Podcast. Fresh from the All-Star Break we break down the weekend, Greg Monroe’s performance, the dunk contest, the sale of the team, the Kuester situation, and our biggest disappointments of the season.

Danny also make a very BOLD prediction that may have you thinking he’s either a genius or just nuts.

Take a listen and by all means give us your feedback and questions for the next show.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast – All-Star Break Breakdown


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14 Responses to "The All-Star Break – Breakdown Podcast"
  1. junior says:

    I think we can win at least 14 games and maybe steal a game or two from the better tea-ms. I think we win 36 or37 games but i think we miss playoffs by 2 games. Great podcast guys, take that boney.

  2. Danny Bohnlein says:

    lol – clown

  3. KG says:

    Illitch are you kidding me no thank you to that guy..
    Gores is best available in my opinion, an owner that will actually be focused on this team and this team only..
    Illitch would have been a train wreck with 3 teams…

  4. edt says:

    danny I’m feeling that playoff push. I feel the same way about this team it’s awful really. But then you look at that schedule and well, it’s so darn weak, and then you start thinking there’s gonna be a playoff push especially with that end of the season schedule

    wizards, Charlotte, the pacers,bucks philly cleveland new jersey, that tail end of our schedule is just so soft.

    • rai_from_the_philippines says:

      soft schedule for a soft team. perfect match!

    • Kashmeer says:

      15-16 Ws out of 25 games??
      With this team?
      With the best player on the team saying they’re not going to make it? (Tay)

      I wish they will do it…but i have to said i don’t think that is realistic

  5. terry says:

    Bring in the tanks! would it really make y’all feel better to watch Detroit get swept in the first round. Wouldn’t it make you feel better to watch Stern say “with the first pick in the draft, the Detroit Pistons select…..”

    • edt says:

      I’d rather go to the playoffs. Losing creates a losing mentality. Remember who drafted Shaq? its hard isnt it to remember he was once in orlando. How about Kobe? that’s right Charlotte Hornets. How about Lebron and the Cleveland Cava-worst-team-in-the-history-of-sports.

      Winning creates a mentality of winning. Lakers. Celtics. Chicago.

      Dont worry about getting a first round draft pick. That will come on its own, we dont have to try or hope for it.

      I just dont want our pistons to turn into the detroit lions, which as barry sanders said, had a culture of losing, that’s why he retired early best running back in the history of the game, he couldn’t will his team to victory anymore than Lebron could will the cavs to a championship.

      But once you have a culture of winning, then draft picks seem to take care of themselves. The losses for this team come easy we dont have to wish for them.

      Go playoffs! Sneak in there pistons.

      • Kashmeer says:

        I agree with you about always going for the win.That is the right way to teach to your young player

        But why put Boston & chicago as an example?
        Prior The “miraculous” KG & Allen trade…what has done Boston in th past 20years?
        What has done Chicago since the Best player of all time left? (13years)

        there’s cycle for team like the Pistons who can’t get a superstar via free agency
        the difference between a team like the Lakers isn’t as much about the winning mentality as it is about Money!!
        Lakers Payroll $90M
        If (RIP) Mr D was willing to go that far over the hard cap ( $20M in luxury taxes!!!) most probably the Pistons would have more than simply 6ECF …

  6. Minidude says:


  7. Darlene says:

    Excellent podcast, as always. Enjoy listening to you break down the state of our Pistons. Thanks for the hope for the end of the season. I’m still believing we make it to the playoffs. The sale becomes final and we get into the first round of the playoffs would be a good foundation to build on. Whatever I’ll be cheering for my Pistons. So glad for League Pass or I would have missed most games this season. One more trip to the Palace in April. Hoping the new owner will be in place by that time and the road to recovery will begin. Thanks for the Podcasts Natalie and Danny. You are the best! Go Pistons!

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