Trade Rumor – Rip Hamilton to New Jersey

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“A trade rumor flying around the Internet on Friday night involving the Pistons, the Nets and the Denver Nuggets left out a few key components, according to a source close to the situation.

The Record of Bergen, N.J., cited a source in a story Friday evening who said the proposed trade would have sent forward Troy Murphy and his expiring contract to the Pistons in exchange for Richard Hamilton in a three-way trade.

The deal also would have sent Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony to the Nets.

But a source told that the Nets wanted Detroit’s first-round pick in 2011 in addition to Hamilton. The Nets also wanted to give the Pistons center Johan Petro and another yet-to-be determined player in the deal, the source said.

The Pistons are willing to trade Hamilton and his contract, which has two years and $25 million left on it, but the Pistons have no interest in taking back Petro, who has about $7 million and two years left on his deal, and moving a likely lottery pick to the Nets.” Via Chris Iott at MLive

13 Responses to "Trade Rumor – Rip Hamilton to New Jersey"
  1. edt says:

    i’d love to deal rip, keep working that deal give up that first round pick, involve another team. if teams want darko & kwame someone will want awful petro and his $7m contract

  2. Amer-ican Prince says:

    i still dont get why dumars isnt going after yao ming. Joe D just lets other people give him junk while he ships out quality players. It seems if the player isnt a 1 dimensional scoring guy or a expiring contract joe d says no thank you

  3. betterthanu says:

    Are you serious? Who says joe hasn’t gone after yao? Its not like it’ll be that easy and they prolly want more than he’s worth same as joe d did for rip and tay for too long. Plus the rockets aren’t even sure they are going to trade him. Oh and edt, if you really think trading a lottery pick with rip for another player with 2 years left is worth it, then you are more detrimental to the team than you think joe dumars is.

  4. KG says:

    possibly one of the dumbest trades yet we get nothing but scrubs with expiring contracts AND loose our first round pick…N O T H A N K Y O U

    Maybe we could talk if they weren’t asking for the first rounder, maybe…

  5. Leftos says:

    I wouldn’t trade a lottery pick for any player right now. Even if that means having a just as bad second half of a season. Time goes by faster than we think, and this season will be over sooner than later, and we shall have two new good players in our roster to work with. Want to sacrifice the 2nd round pick in a trade? Go ahead. But not the 1st round, not for this Pistons team.

  6. James (Australia) says:

    Sorry, but in my opinion, a first round lottery pick is more valuable than cap space. Sounds very greedy from the Nets, they could get Carmelo and Rip and they won’t do it because they want a lottery pick? I’d be upset if I were a Nets fan – just do the darn deal.

    Glad that Dumars is at least trying to get in on the trade.

  7. trav says:

    Forget that. Trade for Chauncey! Trade Ben Gordon and Wilcox to NJ and They send us CB. Put Stuckey back on the bench and we forget this whole thing ever happened. lol.

  8. Joe says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, we should make this trade. First rounders are by no means a sure-thing. It’s better for us to trade Rip and save $12.65 million per year through 2013.

  9. edt says:

    remember ben wallace was undrafted. Joe has been pretty bad at 1st round picks, but he has been very good in the 2nd round.

    Aside from the top 5 to 10 players in the nba (and even sometimes the top 10) it’s such a gamble

    the problem is that the longer rip stays the worse this team gets, sure we can wait but at what cost, he’s taking away playing time from our young players.

    so we keep rip and then put another young player on the bench . . . that’s not helping.

  10. Amer-ican Prince says:

    who cares about troy murphy, in what way does that make us tougher or grittier? the last thing we need is another finesse player

  11. junior says:

    make the trade. its addition by subtraction. we will be better with less people. do the trade and sit murphy and petro. then we got one less guard to try and play. someone will want the other two around traDE deadline. make it happen joed

  12. Oscar Garza says:

    The pistons need to get a new GM, Dumars sucks! He should not be worrying about trades right now, they need to be worried about signing free agents and releasing players, such as charlie v and chris wilcox, They are a very good team.

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