Tracy McGrady Detroit Pistons January 2011 Schedule Wallpaper

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Download the Detroit Pistons January 2011 Schedule Wallpaper featuring Tracy McGrady.

January 2010 Detroit Pistons Schedule Wallpaper

Download the Wallpapers here and throughout the month of January by clicking on the schedule wallpaper image displayed on the right sidebar of the page.

1024×768 |1280×1024 | 1280×800 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1080

New for Blackberry users 480×360

Home games represented in red and road games  in blue.
6 Responses to "Tracy McGrady Detroit Pistons January 2011 Schedule Wallpaper"
  1. jayg108 says:

    looks great. Nice font on Tmac’s name

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

    • Glad you like it…for anyone who uses these Im thinking of taking a look at what resolutions people need and trying to eliminate and add. Let me know what you use in this tread, it will be really useful for me.

  2. ali bazzi says:

    Natalie, I would appreciate a 1366 x 768 resolution. It seems that most new laptops come with this resolution.


    • Noted! At this point I think I can get rid of at least one non widescreen wall. It seems as though they are few and far between these days.

      Though it takes a ton of time to do the wallpaper itself. It’s even more difficult to get them to fit into the desired resolutions.

  3. Like many things in life, I was a week behind. But, still happy to have it up now at work! Our work computers are [no comment]. So, if you are looking to appease those who use equipment from the 1980’s at work like me then 1024×768 is what I’ve got. I also like that resolution because personally I don’t like filling screen. I like a little blue non-image border on the sides to put my desktop icons in so I can see them : ) thanks as always! PS the new design of the site is getting better every day!

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