The Pistons vs. The Suns

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The Pistons vs. The Suns

The 15-28 Pistons are back home to take on Steve Nash and the 20-21 Suns.  Phoenix is currently unbeaten on their 5 game road trip and am sure they would like to stay that way with a win over the Pistons Saturday night.  Maybe the thought of their last contest against the Suns will motivate the Pistons into a victory.

If history tells us anything let’s look for Ben Gordon to do well. He is  averaging 25.6 points in his last nine games against Phoenix

Ben Wallace and Charlie Villanueva are both listed as questionable for Saturday night’s game.

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If you’re looking to catch a game you can get some get tickets for as low as $10 to see Detroit take on Phoenix.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.

11 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Suns"
  1. Avatar DetChiNYC says:

    Man, tough to watch. Again. They’re sleepwalking out there

  2. Avatar DetChiNYC says:

    Spoke too soon!

  3. Avatar edt says:

    the suns channing frye especially didnt make 3’s all nite, but it seemed like they were gonna win anyway and then, strangely, the pistons played like a decent team for the last 5 minutes, especially bynum. It was enough.

    sloppy game from both teams. I think we wanted it more.

  4. Avatar gerdz says:

    great ending but definitely not a great game for the pistons.

  5. Avatar Kashmeer says:

    Bynum’s defense was simply amazing

    Stuckey at the 2 spot… I was never big on it & it’s not working for the 3rd straight game.
    Seriously if the Pistons have quit on making Stuckey a PG
    they should trade now

    If he’s not running the Point, his value to this team isn’t that big, this team has other SG
    Plus if RIP staying & the team not being sold yet, the re-signing of stuck over the summer is very qestionable

  6. Avatar N1ck says:

    Wow, PHX held at 74…

    Stuck is and never will be anything more than an average combo-guard. Period.

    Bring Rip back, he’s gonna be with us for another 2 years.
    And he’s way better than Ben Gordon.

    Try to use Prince & Wilcox’s expiring contracts to improve our team… We’ll never see playoffs anyway… So let’s move on…

  7. Avatar James (Australia) says:

    How fun was it to watch us verse a team as incompetent and inept at closing a game out as we are?

    We should never have won this, but I’m taking the win any way we get it. We didn’t deserve to win this until the final 8-10 minutes. Then we showed a lot of urgency and intensity to pull out the win. Great game from Bynum.

    Team looks tired. Be nice to push through and win 2 out of the next 4.

  8. Avatar N1ck says:

    Yeah it would be nice but it’s not gonna happen…

  9. Avatar zeke khaseli says:

    “Team looks tired. Be nice to push through and win 2 out of the next 4.”

    We won four out of six so its very possible. Defense is tighter with Ben coming back.

    • Avatar James (Australia) says:

      Just keep in mind that 3 of those wins came against teams with losing records. 4 out of 6 is great, but we now verse 4 teams in a row – 3 away – with winning records.

  10. Avatar N1ck says:


    Miss Natalie, what happened with the “videos section” on this page.

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