The Pistons vs. The Nuggets

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The Pistons vs The Nuggets

The 17-28 Pistons are hosting the 26-18 Denver Nuggets Wednesday night. That means Pistons fans get a special way-back performance from MC Rob Base! As an added bonus Pistons fan get to welcome back Chauncey Billups again.

Denver hasn’t won at Detroit since March 10, 1995 and the Pistons would like to keep it that way, especially since they are riding a two game winning streak. Billups has yet to make a huge impact in games against Detroit since he was dealt to the Nuggets, has scored 27.5 points in four games against his former team.

The Rip/Chauncey reunion will have to take place off the court since all of the drama is going on regarding Rip’s situation. As much as this has been an issue, it’s hard to argue the Pistons record since Rip has not played.

Look for big things from our old friend Afllalo, who’s having a huge year for Denver.

Charlie Villanueva (ankle) is listed as questionable for Wednesday night’s game.

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Tip off is at 7:00 pm and will be broadcast on FS PLUS. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at WWJ 950 AM.

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21 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Nuggets"
  1. Drew says:

    What a coincidence. I was just listening to a new J-Live song that has a Rob Base Sample.

    How has Chauncey scored half a point?

  2. NJ says:

    Denver is gonna beat the brakes off Detroit, I’m hoping Billups and A. Afflalo go off on em, just to prove that Dumars has no clue what he’s doing anymore

  3. pistonsfan101 says:

    No Rip tonight. He’s got the “flu.”

  4. junior says:

    hopefully stuckey is ok, any word?

  5. junior says:

    shoulder contusion,? what does that mean? return doubtful.

  6. Rashit Flawless aka Go_0sebumps says:

    Man down! I saw he was nearly unconcious or so in pain, because he even couldn’t walk when got up with help. I had a knee contusion few weeks ago and thought I broke it at first because was in so much pain, but hopefully it’s ok now, so let’s hope it’s something like a regular contusion, let’s hope it’s nothing serious.

    I would like to know what are Q’s thoughts now when Rip’s out, Stuck might be injured…

  7. edt says:

    even though the collision was minor, the reaction looked absolutely awful. We know stuckey. He is not one to complain so i assume he’s got damage on the axillary nerve, which will put him out for a month. Another possibility is a partial separation, which could also put him off for a month.

    sure it could be minor, but stuckey was on the floor in agony, if it were minor, he would play until a stoppage.

    I don’t expect we’ll know for sure what is going on for a few days

  8. Jake says:

    lol i love blahas reaction after tmacs 3

  9. Jake says:

    grr i hate u chauncey lol

  10. Jake says:

    i guess thats what u get joe d.

  11. junior says:

    nice close game, i think this would of been our game if stuckey wasnt hurt.

  12. James (Australia) says:

    Chauncey, Chauncey, Chauncey. I guess he knows how to hit big 3s at the Palace right?

    • Drew says:

      Damn him. It makes me not want to root for him anymore šŸ˜›

      • James (Australia) says:

        I think this is the official “you are on your own now game” for Chauncey. We were all happy to root for him while we were beating him, but when he does this to us, we are enemies now lol

  13. NJ says:

    MR. BIG SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. NJ says:

    “I love getting the ovations and showing the people what they’ve missed,” Billups said. “I never wanted to leave here. Everyone knows that. I wanted to retire here.”

    • Tycoon says:

      Nice to hear from Chauncey, I wonder how Joe feels.

      • James (Australia) says:

        Probably the same as he felt when he traded him?

        If GMs are run by the wish of players, then that team is not going to stay very competitive. Dumars gave Billups and his team 4 more chances to win a title, but they couldn’t do it. Nothing suggested that was going to change next season, so Dumars decided it was time to rebuild.

        Maybe the money he spent was not spent on the best players, but with the youngsters like Monroe, Daye, Jerebko, and Stuckey (all guys drafted by Dumars who can’t draft), we are starting to see a core come together for future success. We are by no means going to win the title next year, but the steps are being taken to get the Pistons contending in future years.

  15. Lori says:

    Go, James! And maybe we can get a proper coach to go along with our new core. Q= MC.

  16. N1ck says:

    Joe D should never have started our rebuilding by trading Chauncey.
    He traded our leader. He should have rebuilded around him.

    We have some good youngsters but we also have Tay & T-Mac (our best players…) leaving this summer & Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Rip & Maxiell under contracts for years to come.

    We’re not gonna be contenders for quite some time I’m afraid, thanks to Joe D.

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