The Melo/Rip Trade is Dead

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The Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov: “I’m not happy with the way … this deal has gone until now,” Prokhorov said. “It has taken too long. It has been played out in public and it certainly has taken a toll on the players and I believe that it has cost us several games. I think management did a great job, but there comes a time when the price is simply too expensive. I’m instructing our team to walk away from the deal.” Via

20 Responses to "The Melo/Rip Trade is Dead"
  1. Jake says:

    too expensive the dudes a friggen billionare lol how could u turn down that deal??

  2. MattDaRealest says:

    if kuester doesnt play rip today, imma crack some skulls

  3. pistonsfan101 says:

    Yeah.. hes been averaging like 21 points a game against the Celtics in the last 9 games!
    He BETTER PLAY!!! I honestly don’t care if he does bad but he needs to PLAY!

  4. Jake says:

    they said hes not

  5. go_0sebumps (Rashit Flawless) says:

    Prokhorov made all his projects successful, but in NBA you can’t just buy any player for money. It’s a new system for him where the stars rule the whole process and he can’t stand it

  6. piston_fan_philippines says:

    Looks like Rip will be staying for a while.

  7. Dana says:

    This is so dumb. We could have used Rip tonight. It makes me sad to see him so depressed on the bench. I really was looking forward to seeing him and Chauncey together again. I loved that backcourt. Although I will say Kuester is an idiot for taking out BG when he was getting hot. That, plus bad calls from the refs and Stuckey thinking he’s D. Wade driving to the basket lost us the game. He won’t get the calls he wants against the Celtics in their building..he will never figure that out. So frustrating BLAHHHH

    • junior says:

      its not stuckeys fault that he doesnt get the call, thats on the refs for being biased toward him. we cant ask stuckey to second guess himself or hes gonna be playing like bg was when he was looking over his shoulder to rip. stuckey needs to keep it up. he will get the calls sooner or later, whats frustrating is stuckey getting fouled on a drive and not getting the call that d wade gets. you seen how good his numbers were when he gets the calls, and you are right he wont get all the calls against the good teams. but you know what? this lineup works. we almost beat the celtics again.

  8. jayg108 says:

    Maybe Denver will take Rip and give us back Chauncey

  9. Enoc says:

    So.. it’s over now… can anyone tell Kuster to show some respect to RIP and put him on the court??

    • junior says:

      how about we show some respect to our coach? who gives a shit about rip? i care about the pistons, do you? i just want us to win. i dont care who is benched as long as we are winning or at least being competitive, which we were tonight. farewell rip thanks for your time. enjoy getting paid for warming the bench.

  10. Jo-El says:

    I was a fan of Rip ever since he joined the Pistons. It’s sad to see him benched but I guess we have to understand that letting him play would mean that the whole rotation would be out of whack again. I mean, who do you bench instead of him? T-Mac, who’s been doing well pretending to be a PG? Stuckey, who is supposedly the prized guard of Joe D? How about BG? Rip can’t thrive on the minutes that are afforded to Will Bynum… I guess, moving forward, they should now aggressively look for trading partners for Hamilton. Blame Prokhorov and the Nuggets for not coming to an understanding. If the trade had pulled through, Chauncey or not, Rip will have been playing starting SG and getting the minutes he deserves.

  11. Jake says:

    We dont want kaman we have monoe wilcox ben and cv he will just eat up their time we want an expiring contract like troy murphy

  12. terry says:

    Horrible development for all players involved except Carmelo, who seems hell bent on being a knick.

  13. Let’s trade RIP+Maxiell for Redd)))
    Let’s trade for Eddy Curry!
    Let it be Dalembert!

  14. terry says:

    The truth is Rip’s always been a system guy. By that I mean you have to run a system that suits his game and a pg to know and hit his spots for him to really be effective (i.e. a ton of mid range screen and curls). Detroit no longer plays that type of system so Rip is no longer a good fit, that’s why it never made sense to extend Rip if you were going to trade Billups. Playing Rip is not going to help this team advance, so Dumars must find a deal for him soon and accept the fact that he’s not going to get much value in return.

    What he will get is one less distraction, so it’s addition by subtraction. The worst action is inaction, sorry to Rip’s faction, but he wants way too much to ever have satisfaction. They have to move forward for this team to find traction. Holding on to the past has led to negative reaction. 2004 is gone and we cannot re enact it, so to Rip I say so long. Hope a contender takes your contract and Dumars is contacted.

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