Sheed wants to return to play “when it counts”

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As if I we didn’t see the writing on the wall before the season even started.  Sheed wants to take a break from his retirement and play for a championship with the Celtics.

Rasheed Wallace by the Pool

Sheed, notorious for only turning things up when it matters (the playoffs), gave a hint to Stephen A. Smith that he’d like to return to the Celtics.

7 Responses to "Sheed wants to return to play “when it counts”"
  1. Kashmeer says:

    If he can be in shape by playoffs time, I would love to see Sheed on the court one more time…before he takes coaching duties in the Pistons organisation !!!

  2. James (Australia) says:

    Hey Natalie,

    Just wanted your thoughts on two bits of info that came out in the past 24ish hours:

    What did you make of CV acknowledging the tweets that said the definition of insanity was Kuester? for a guy who apparently promised Gordon and Daye that he would not be the reason for any dramas with the coach, that is pushing it a little.

    Also, did you see Billup’s comment that Rip told him he wants to get out of Detroit as soon as he can? If that’s true, then kudos to Rip for having handled this situation so professionally.

  3. Brother Curlin says:

    GREAT!!! I play with the 2004 line up on 2k11 with a created Sheed now I have to start over with Sheed himself. If only Larry Brown waited to do his disappering act I could have my coach. But they will have alot of bodies in the paint for Boston and with Sheed being so 3 point hungry that will create some problems for there opponets. I see them giving the Heat and Magic trouble.

  4. daddy says:

    this photo will make me laugh for ages, thanks.

  5. MrRockinWTB says:

    Too bad he could “Turn it up” in Game 5 of the Finals againt San Antonio! Sorry I can’t let it go! LOL but so serious!

  6. Gabriel says:

    One word… “No”! Two words… “Hell No”. Three word… “Please stay retired”.
    ’nuff said.

  7. Kashmeer says:

    Would have been a great one (someone to cheer for comes PO times)

    but it seems very unlikely now as even Stephen A.Smith is backpedaling now

    look at his tweet

    “Retirement to help the C’s take on the Lakers. That doesn’t mean he will. I haven’t spoken to him in months. Who knows how he feels now.”

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