Rodney Stuckey: I like Unicorns, Cotton Candy, Star Trek and Harry Potter Movies

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With our need to find out the most up to date and “confidential” information on our favorite teams, many of us Follow our favorite teams and players on Twitter to see what’s new, how they are feeling or if they are going to call out another player.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to know what movie Austin Daye is going to or what Greg Monroe had for breakfast.

And that’s why you have this post, and probably more like it in the very near future.

If you follow our local Pistons or any other of your favorite athletes on Twitter, you hope to get some sort of insight or information or possibly a personal message from your favorite star.  So when it became painfully and comically clear that Rodney Stuckey’s “official” twitter account was nothing more than a RSS feed that someone set up.

Our first hint of the account really not being used by Rodney was when we got tweets that came while Rodney was on court playing.  Then it was Stuckey selling smartphones.

Rodney Stuckey's Official Twitter Account

But the best (I’m hoping until now) has to be this one…

Rodney Stuckey's Official Twitter

So…just to prove a point, and to make you laugh  I though it would be funny to make up ridiculous headlines just so @stuckeyofficial will tweet them.

Evil, I know, but you all should know me by now.  And to make it even more fun…I’m taking suggestions in the comments.

UPDATE:  It has Officialy been Tweeted by “Rodney Stuckey”

15 Responses to "Rodney Stuckey: I like Unicorns, Cotton Candy, Star Trek and Harry Potter Movies"
  1. gordbrown says:

    I checked out the feed and laughed. Examples here are just the tip of the iceberg. Two points, however. Presumably Stuckey has spent the last few days with his head in the toilet puking. Do I really really want the details of that? Plus I hope that he is concentrating on getting better and not necessarily tweeting.

  2. Stephanie K says:

    Pure hilarity! Please make the next article, “Rodney Stuckey: I Put Ketchup on EVERYTHING.”

  3. Danny Bohnlein says:

    Easy now – some people here still think Stuckey is the team’s best player

  4. gordbrown says:

    Stuckey is the team’s second best player currently. If McGrady ever gets to the point of playing starting minutes, then Stuckey might go to third. If Gordon ever gets back to his Chicago form (at the end), Stuckey may go to fourth. He certainly is in the top five no matter how you slice it. Now that may be a comment on the team in general (as some people think). He is certainly our most valuable trade piece, but I’d rather keep him because nobody is going to trade a starting quality big for a combo guard, unless that guard was named Bryant or Wade.

    • Drew says:

      Curious as to who the best player is now if it’s not Gordon or McGrady? Hamilton? Villa?

      • James (Australia) says:

        Even though his head hasn’t been in every game – Tayshaun Prince has been our best player this year. I will go with Villanueva for most improved+consistent.

  5. Ryan says:

    That’s too hilarious!

  6. edt says:

    tayshaun prince could be argued that he is the best player but even though he posts great stats, defends, and comes to work every day, he is one of the reasons that we have one of the lowest rates of transition baskets in the NBA, he quite simply refuses to play at a faster pace, he has cost us a lot of wins due to his pace. He would be a much better fit with the lakers.

    I understand why everyone hates on Stuckey and hates on Q. You gotta blame someone and they are good targets.

  7. gordbrown says:

    Prince actually can run and does every now and again. He is very cautious but I’d argue that is often a good thing. Hamilton actually used to try to run (back when he cared) but the results were invariably bad. Regarding Stuckey and Kuester hate, I do think Joe has hung them out to dry a little bit. Yes you have to say that you’re trying to win. But this team was always going to go backwards when it got old. That’s just life. I know that everyday I wish Dumars had traded Hamilton and not Billups. But hindsight is 20/20 and you have to work with what you have because time waits for no man.

  8. edt says:

    by the way, even if it’s not clear who the best player is this year, there is no doubt that last year our best player was Ben Wallace who is two years older than tim duncan

    ben wallace, time ducan, have similar stats on rebounds & games btw both around 1,000 games 10,000 rebounds, while duncan of course scores more he has the 21k points and ben only has 6k

    both tim and ben are both showing their age this year, but it seems that if they get reduced minutes, they will continue to have value for a quite a few more years, much like how shaq has retained value by playing limited minutes

    on the other hand, it’s not like we need to save ben for the playoffs, so he might as well play, he’s earned his minutes

  9. ali bazzi says:

    its a fake account. can u guys get over it already

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