Rip Hamilton could be on his way to New Jersey very soon

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The deal to send Rip Hamilton out of Detroit could be finished soon.

“A three-team deal involving the Detroit Pistons that would include at least 15 players — with Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups winding up in New Jersey with Anthony — could be completed as soon as this week, sources said.

The primary elements of the scenario currently on the table, sources said, call for New Jersey to acquire Anthony, Billups and Hamilton; Denver to land Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow and at least two first-round picks; and Detroit to acquire Troy Murphy and Johan Petro.

Other players with smaller contracts would have to be included to make the salary-cap math work. Via ESPN

With Denver playing Carmel and Billlups (Sunday night), no deal will be completed until later tonight, at the earliest. And it looks like the odd man out that could go along with Rip to make things work could be either DaJuan Summers or Terrico White.

53 Responses to "Rip Hamilton could be on his way to New Jersey very soon"
  1. Avatar Shaun says:

    As long as we dont have to trade our 1st round pick im good with this

  2. Avatar R.I.P. says:

    Ok, As long as we can get better than this… I will accept this trade. (As a rebuilding/”good in the long haul” trade.) Which this trade would be good in the long haul. 🙂 But now, I not getting my hopes up, but we MIGHT be able to entice Billups to comeback to the Motor City via FREE AGENT THIS SUMMER! 😀 This would be amazing! but his could only happen if the trade goes through and billups opts out and become free agent. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! 🙂

  3. Avatar tim* says:

    I would have to become a Nets fan if this happened. How can you not root for Billups and Rip?

  4. Avatar Cra1g says:

    Wow carmello,chauncey and rip.. could have been us… thanks joey d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Avatar Drew says:

    We need to throw in Maxiell or Wilcox in the deal too, or the PF logjam will be unbearable! And Jerebko might be coming back in a month or two.

    • Avatar Damien W. says:

      If anybody, Wilcox and White. That’s true about the logjam at the PF position. But I’m just TOO big of a Maxiell fan to let him go.

      That’s just me as a fan speaking and not me as a person thinking things through talking. ^^;

  6. Avatar Damien W. says:

    *Just counted the faces on the Need4Sheed logo* OMG~! While I’m thinking about it… Jason Maxiell isn’t on the banner! D8

    I’m shocked. XD

  7. Avatar rai_from_the_philippines says:

    Good luck to all the players and teams involved.

  8. Avatar Tay says:

    wow one of the biggest trades in the history of the NBA and we literally get nothing of value. Is joe d sober?

  9. Avatar Tay says:

    i think joe dumars is actually planning on going and being the GM in new jersey and is going to leave us with this crappy team he built, thats why hes making this trade. Cause the two other teams both get something good and we get nada. this doesnt make sense to me

  10. Avatar The Fluidics says:

    You get a center, an expiring contract, and out from under a highly overpaid long term Rip contract. It might be too good for eyecandy, but if you can get rid of Rip and keep your draft picks, it’s a good deal.

    • Avatar Tycoon says:

      Well said. I could trade Rip now with just about anyone who’s willing to accept him. But his heroics from the past will always be remembered. Plus Rip reuniting with Chancey is something to look forward to.

      • Agree, any deal to get Rip out is a good one. He doesn’t want to be here anymore and nobody wanted his contract. Thank Melo for wanting him or the Pistons would never be able to deal him. Just ask Joe, he’s been trying for almost 2 seasons now.

        • Avatar dd3 says:

          This trade makes no sense for us. 1 it brings in a player who is a lot like what we already have a PF that shoots 3’s & a back up center who on his best day still can’t compete with Big Ben on his worse day. The contact issue is moot at this point because of the CBA issue. Plus there are no good FA’s we can come away with IF the 2012 season even happens. Last year I’d be all for this trade simply because of the FA’s available. With Melo off the market who is actually left that would make us from a bad team to a decent team again? No one. It’s gonna be a few years til we get back on track thanks to Joe D gambling so much over the last 3 years. & for the love of god FIRE COACH Q! I can’t take anymore of his random line up adjustments!

          • Avatar Danny Bohnlein says:

            Richard Hamilton is not worth a player who can help the Pistons win – thanks to his ridiculous contract

            • Avatar The Fluidics says:

              The thing that’s hard to grasp is: this isn’t a deal to grab plays, it’s a deal to get rid of Rip, it doesn’t matter who they get in return, as long as they get rid of Hamiltons contract.

              • Avatar Tay says:

                i would agree with you if joe d hasnt proven that cap relief doesnt mean crap if you dont know how to spend it, and he doesnt. so getting rid of rip means nothing cause joe d will ruin it with another bad contract for a bad player

                • Avatar Joe says:

                  That’s ridiculous, Joe D used cap room to get ‘Sheed, who helped us win a title and was a big part of the team that made 6 straight eastern conference finals. And now you think he sucks as a GM because we are finally in a rebuilding mode? Sounds like you are just a fairweather fan.

  11. Avatar daddy says:

    i dont see how ppl think this is a bad trade for us? We can get rip’s contract from under our belt and get an expiring contract in return. Murphy is another cv but he can rebound so he should help us a bit, if he plays.

  12. Avatar J.G says:

    man i wished we got brook lopez for rip.. unfortunately the nets are pretty adamant on not trading him

  13. Avatar BSS says:

    We’ll have Murphy’s expiring contract as well as Rip’s $17+mil free’d up. Add that to JJ, Stuck, T-Mac, Tay and Wilcox being free agents this summer, and Joe D’s got a lot of cash and personnel to play with. It works out well for us as long as Joe D can and does make the right moves this summer. Just plan on suffering through this season for a lottery pick.

    Personally, keeping the core of Tay, Daye, JJ, Greg Monroe, CV, Bynumite and BG then getting a top PG, C and role players for everyone else and excess cash = a promising ’11-’12 season

    There’s also now talk of NJ adding a future draft pick to the deal.

    • Avatar Joe says:

      I agree with everything you said, but the only problem is that we’ll need to go out and find a free agent PG and C… these are usually the two hardest positions to fill. I really hope Monroe can play C for us next year.

      • Avatar BSS says:

        They are indeed. I haven’t lost faith in Joe D quite yet, so I’m hopeful that he can find someone young and proven or ready to kill it in both positions. Who those players are, I have no idea. I really liked Ty Lawson from Denver, but if the ship Chauncey to NJ, he’s likely not going anywhere. I don’t scout or make trades though.

  14. Avatar edt says:


    hate Johan Petro but we can sit him on the bench for eternity, and murphy is an expiring contract that we can bundle with Tay to provide cap relief to a team with a decent power forward, that’s TWENTY FOUR MILLION in expiring cap space. We can get anyone in the NBA with that much money.

    rip is just too good not to play, even when he’s being bitchy. that has caused problems with our rotation.


  15. Avatar edt says:

    im salivating at the idea of us having 24 million in expiring contracts, I think you can tell.

    • Avatar dd3 says:

      Again, there are no FA Cs or PGs that will make us better. There are no more star or up & comers. Our hopes lie in the right trades. If we could pry a Chris Kaman or Sam Dalembert from LAC or Sac we’d be ok. But the FA & draft routs aren’t going to make us better due to the fact that no one is available AND there may well be a lock out in 2012 so most players are signing extensions now just in case they end up unemployed at the end of the year.

      • Avatar edt says:

        u can contribute up to $3 million in a trade.

        The cap space means we can make all kinds of great trades that we couldnt make before, for instance taking on bad contracts, trading away ben gordon, you name it.

        The next time there is a 11 way trade, if we have cap space, we can be a part of the picture thanks to being able to absorb bad contracts.

        As it is now we cant hardly move a single player because our cap space is stuck with ben gordon, rip, charlie, and even the $5 contract for maxiell is hard to move, though of course Prince is expiring.

        $24 million worth of expiring contracts will be nearly irresistible to teams over cap.

        I hope that this time, when this trade goes off (if it does, billups doesnt want to move), Joe D will not spend it all immediately and lock us down with zero flexibility.

  16. Avatar edt says:

    monroe is not going to ever be a center, he’s always going to be one of those finesse power forwards. We dont need a true center or a true point guard, this team would do well with a combo point guard, and a power forward but no matter what we need players that have DEFENSE and are tough physical hard. Right now we are soft top to bottom, that’s our worst weakness. If our team gets tougher on defense, it will help our offense immediately.

    Not sure where jerebko fits, but I sure would like to see him start, since he provides the defense our team currently lacks.

    • Avatar Joe says:

      I’m not convinced that Monroe can’t play C, at least not yet. He’s been doing a great job on the glass lately. He’s listed at 6’11”, 250 lbs – that’s as big as most centers in the league.

  17. Avatar Leif says:

    My favorite piston over the past many years has been rip hamilton.. im gonna be sad to see him go. BUT i do understand that it will free up cap space, and plus i kinda like troy murphy, and petro could add a little depth even though not very much. Hopefully this summers free agency is good.

    Ps. Please dont get rid of terrico white i am very curious to see how he plays when he is healthy. Ive seen Dajuan Summers play, and i like him and all.. but we already have some depth at small forward and virtually none at PG.

  18. Avatar Leif says:

    One more thing… I KNOW we would be a way better team if we had Rasheed Wallace back… i hope that we could get him back somehow. Sheed knows that we love him here.

  19. Avatar edt says:

    it goes without saying that this trade is amusing in that ‘Melo, Hamilton, Billips, would have been a detroit team if joe d hadnt messed up his draft pick

  20. Avatar edt says:


    “The agent for Chauncey Billups said Saturday that his client would consider asking the Nets for a buyout if he is traded to New Jersey in the proposed Carmelo Anthony deal. If Billups is adamant about not wanting to play in New Jersey that could conceivably kill the deal.”

    Read more:

    please chauncey if you have any love left for good old detroit, please PRETEND you wont ask for a buyout.

    Murphy looks like he’s gonna ask for a buyout too if he gets traded, this deal is a trainwreck, our only hope is that it gets pushed through by money hungry agents that get a cut of a transaction no matter what happens.

    Whoever the agent is for Carmelo, he is pushing hard so he can get a cut off this transaction

  21. Avatar MrRockinWTB says:

    I hope Joe D uses this space to bring in a Low Post presence and re-sign Tay!

  22. Avatar rai_from_the_philippines says:

    Here’s the list of free agents next year…

    Would it be wishful thinking if the Pistons go after Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook?

  23. Avatar ali bazzi says:

    i believe that this trade will collapse since billups dont wanna play with nj. This is just my opinion

  24. Avatar edt says:

    yeah. melo refuses to go to new jersey unless he thinks he can beat the heat and win in the east. He has had his fill of 1-outs after making the playoffs. chauncey gives him that shot. without him it’s not gonna work.

    at this point, ‘melos agent is this close to being fired and it’s all over.

    On the other hand, Billups might change his mind you never know

  25. Avatar ali bazzi says:


    but aren’t u suprised that chauncey dosent wanna play with rip?? that is very weird considering they are the best of friends. but billups loves his home and dont wanna leave

  26. Avatar edt says:

    one more thing. Leon Rose is BOTH ‘melo and rip’s agent.

    So if this deal goes through he gets paid TWICE. Needless to say, this agent, Leon Rose is one of the biggest factors of the deal, he is pushing it for all he is worth.

  27. Avatar Asad T says:

    there goes another Jersey i bought… so far its been Hill, Stackhouse, Wallace (both) Billups.. and now Rip.. interesting

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