What is Sheed Doing?

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Just because Sheed isn’t donning his Air Force One’s on court every night doesn’t mean I’m not keeping a tab on what he’s doing. That’s why I’ve started a special feature on the site to keep track of his goings on.

What is Sheed Doing?

Well yesterday he made good on a promise he made to his mother a long time ago…

Sheed went back for his Boy Scout training and is now an honored member of Philadelphia Troop 3036.  He was sworn in yesterday completing his merit badges in fire starting safety, conflict resolution, leadership, personal fitness and sportsmanship.

Congratulations Sheed

Rasheed Wallace Boy Scout

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Who knew that The Boy Scouts of America have a Need4Sheed.

2 Responses to "What is Sheed Doing?"
  1. Demitre Riley says:

    I love how sheed learned fire safety with a cig behind his ear and he learned conflict resolution when he was the guy in the NBA that was in the most conflicts. Leadership, personal fitness and sportsmanship don’t suprise me at all.

  2. Wade says:

    yea that cig behind his ear pretty much perfects the picture! Along with David Stern hah

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