Rip Hamilton’s Circus Shot and Jason Maxiell Eats Babies

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The Pistons finally won one, courtesy of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Thanks to my unfortunate and untimely internet outage last night (thanks Comcast I hate you) I didn’t get a change to get the recap of the game up or get to talk about Rodney Stuckey’s 24 points and a career high 11 assists.   So until get a chance to gush about the victory (since they don’t come often enough) I give you Rip Hamilton’s Circus Shot and the chunk out of the child Jason Maxiell ate.

Rip Hamilton circus shot.
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Video Courtesy of NBA and The Detroit Pistons
Jason Maxiell Eats Babies
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Video Courtesy of NBA and The Detroit Pistons

11 Responses to "Rip Hamilton’s Circus Shot and Jason Maxiell Eats Babies"
  1. JHigh says:

    Great win for the Pistons!

    Comcast did me wrong too.

  2. Demitre Riley says:

    Wait, was that? IT WAS! RIP SMILED!! Pistons had fun that game! That is what we need is some team chemistry and players having fun out there.

  3. Jaime says:

    I liked the win . and I gotta say stuckey played like a point guard. he has to the success in what he did last night. he still put point and passed the ball that is what will produce more wins he has so many scorers out there he brought rip back. love the game I hope that stuckey will utilize that formula cause we what the other way was like. go pistons.

  4. Drew says:

    I’m pretty confident that’s not Stuckey’s career-high for assists.

    Other than Prince, Hamilton, and Stuckey all being over 20 points, you gotta love their +23, +18, and +18 (respectively) performances. Great to see Hamilton and Prince smiling and having fun.

    Why did Stuckey play so long into the 4th? 41 minutes? We were up by a lot. Give others some burn and don’t risk injuring your starter.

    Ben Gordon fouls hard quite often. He likes to take a big swipe down at guys going to the basketball. He’s gonna keep racking up flagrants if he doesn’t correct this. He could’ve almost got one on Gibson last night in the 4th.

  5. greg says:

    nasty stuff by Mad Max!

  6. Drew says:

    Rip’s shot didn’t even make top 10 on for yesterday. Are you sh**ting me? Shot of the night as soon as I saw it. In other news, Amir Johnson was on there twice for dunks. Remember him?

  7. Nat_Turner_Wit_Tha_Burner says:

    Where can i get one of those “Jason Maxiell eats babies” T-shirts?

  8. JHigh says:

    No Charlie V tonight. Hopefully we can get some other guys off the bench to step it up and get the W.

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