Pistons take nothing with them to South Beach, except their baggage. Heat crush Pistons, 92-79.

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Tayshaun Prince vs The Heat

The Detroit Pistons took their “talent” to South Beach and got whooped up in quite possibly the most disheartening loss of the season. No effort, absolutely no effort.

My bad, Greg Monroe had his best game as a Piston. He showed effort. On to the highlights eh?

Greg Monroe vs The Heat

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  • Juwan Howard had more points (12) than any of the Pistons’ starters.
  • Greg Monroe lead all Pistons in points (15) and rebounds (8) in 31 minutes.
  • Hey guys, nice effort.  No… really.
  • Richard Hamilton isn’t going anywhere, according to a AOL Fanhouse report.  If this is true, I’d like to see him to and sit on the bench some more after watching him struggle his way through a 3-11 shooting performance.
  • All jokes aside – the Miami “Big 3” combined for 50 of the Heat’s 97 total points.
  • Oh hey, Eddie House had more points (10) than any of the Pistons’ starters, so there’s that.
  • It was nice of the Pistons interior defense to not hit or foul LeBron James too hard, so he wouldn’t be hurt for tonight’s game in Cleveland.
  • Hey Coach Kuester, get a rotation and stick with it.  I prefer it included more Austin Daye and less old guys since, well you know, the old guys are helping the team lose.

Have some lowlights:

Low-lights via NBA.com
[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/heat/2010/12/01/0021000265_det_mia_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

Sorry for the negativity, it was an awful game.  I started and stopped putting this together 4 separate times. Oh and…

LeBron James is still a jerk.  Tonight we are all Cleveland fans.

9 Responses to "Pistons take nothing with them to South Beach, except their baggage. Heat crush Pistons, 92-79."
  1. rai_from_the_philippines says:

    Damn! lost again. need to make trades Joe! Here’s something to help you out. and make everbody happy!


    PG – Bynum
    SG – Gordon
    SF – Lewis
    PF – Bass
    C – Wallace


    G – TMac/Daye/White
    F – Jerebko/Villanueva/Maxiell
    C – Andersen/Wilcox/Monroe

    Go Pistons!!!

    • Drew says:

      Oh, I would definitely like our first round (seventh overall) pick sitting third string on the bench! 😛

      • rai_from_the_philippines says:

        You should have been around the 2004 season, when the #2 overall pick was buried at the end of the bench. LOL!

    • Kyle says:

      Orlando would do that trade in a heartbeat, but why, in their right minds, would anyone else in that deal even consider that trade? Pistons would struggle to win 20 games with that roster, and I’m not exaggerating. Rashard Lewis is the best player in that deal, and he’s awful.

      • rai_from_the_philippines says:

        imho, the Pistons are in no way going to be a defensive juggernaut, no matter who they trade for. one thing for them to do is be loaded on the offensive end (BG, Rashard, CV), then have hussle guys to support them (Andersen, Bass, Maxiell), then playmakers (Bynum, TMac) to set them up. If not, they can just tank the season, get the lucky in the lottery, and let Tay walk in the summer.

        For Denver, the way I see it, is that they need to trade Melo just because they don’t want to have nothing in return when he bolts in the summer. One thing they’re getting is familiarity of RIP and Tay with Chauncey, and even though they are not who they were, the three of them can still be potent together.

        For Orlando, if a deal of this sort pushes through, it might propel them again into the finals.

  2. Frank says:

    Yeah that would help so much, another center, an undersized power forward and another forward that jacks 3’s and doesn’t know where the paint even is.

  3. The Fan says:

    I seriously think Tayshaun and Rip should just ride pine for a while. a good while. puttem in street clothes like the knicks did marbury. Then maybe their trade value will increase. Why would any team want half assers. Spoiled brats.

  4. I love how Bass is playing since his 1st year! He would be nice one to add

  5. Demitre Riley says:

    Did you hear Cleavland! HAHAHAHA! LeBron you dun screwed up, even if you beat them. I am sure that Amare would have joined you, or somebody would have… Maybe not because you a*BLEEP*in’ *BLEEP*er.

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