The New Detroit Pistons Podcast

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The Detroit Pistons Podcast

Need4Sheed PodcastThe Podcast is new and revamped for this season. Danny and will be discussing the the ins and outs of Detroit Basketball for you on the new cast.

We’ll have special guests, interviews, and giveaways. We will also take your questions in the comments for now, and from time to time we may even do a live show for you to join in on the mayhem.

Two homers talking Pistons Basketball…it may get heated at times, but I’m sure you can handle it.

It’s time to talk Pistons… Tay, Stuckey, Kuester, Charlie V, Rip and more.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast – The Dreams and the Drama


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10 Responses to "The New Detroit Pistons Podcast"
  1. There were points like “the talent is there”. The talent is WHERE?

    Our team is all about effort! We have LACK of talent in term of what talent each other team has.
    T-Wolves, NJ Nets, Philly, Toronto – even these teams have more talent! We’re not even in top 10 NBA talented teams!
    Lemme tell you this, as Chuck says, we have no talent in the frontcourt. We definitely have a lot of talent in BG, Stuckey, Bynum, Daye, Jerebko, Monroe, but other than that – what do we have?
    I mean, c’mon, we are ALL ABOUT EFFORT, not TALENT now, we can win just if we play HARD as anybody in NBA
    Pistons doesn’t have John Wall or Blake Griffin, but have players who can prove themselves if they will work harder than anyone in NBA!

    That’s why we’re sitting here and waiting the office to make moves – because we have not enough talent to rely on in the future.
    We can’t, say, spoil this season and then get Monroe with his new body and stuff, Stuckey who throws assists like 10 a game…
    We just can’t do it.

    So we’re talking about who can run the offense, if we have any identity and stuff

    Get a good squad!
    Just go get it! No Wilcoxes, no kwamebrowns! Get a talented squad!

    But our office can’t. Why? Because the office is not there. Because our owner is not there, first of all.

    Our team is our players. Our players is who our office signed because of their vision of how the team should develop.

    But how can the team develop right if their owner is…is WHO? Who this team belongs to?

    And players, as I wrote, can’t emotionally play on their highest level because they don’t know their goal, the system that would help the team develop right way.

    As the summary, I just want to ask Mrs.D to sell the Pistons RIGHT F@#IN’ NOW!

    Thank you.

  2. Danny Bohnlein says:

    You listed all the talent – those are the guys that I’m talking about (CV, Gordon, etc)…

  3. DetChiNYC says:

    Loving the Sheed leading into The Eraser

  4. Diogenes says:

    Natalie – you’ve got mad skillz on the radio! Nice voice, good cadence, good insight. Make that move to sports radio. Danny – your writing is still OK some times.

  5. edt says:

    its danny downer and super cheerful natalie sitto the 4th power puff girl

    what a contrast

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