Detroit Pistons Podcast – The Wrongs and the Rights

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The Detroit Pistons Podcast

Need4Sheed PodcastAs you know the Podcast is new and revamped for this season. Danny and I took some time after the Pistons double overtime loss to the Knicks to talk about what went wrong and what was right since we last fired up our microphones.

Why isn’t Ben Gordon starting?  Why is Austin Day buried on the bench?  Can Rip stop getting ejected?  What’s up with Jason Maxiell’s playing time?  Will Kuester actually have a lineup that he sticks with?  Is T-Mac our new backup point guard?

Take a listen and by all means give us your feedback and question for the next show.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast – The Wrongs and the Rights


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5 Responses to " Detroit Pistons Podcast – The Wrongs and the Rights"
  1. Matt Fuerst says:

    Need 4 Sheed peeps..

    There’s a problem with the URL in your XML Podcast stream.. the latest podcast is listed as …


    (IE: Missing the If you click on Subscribe in Reader, then “XML Feed”, and look at the URL, you’ll see it.)

  2. Miaya says:

    ben gordon doesn’t play defense and he turns the ball over everytime he touches it. Austin needs to be in the line up he can stroke the rock. Ben Gordon just wants to leave and if anyone wants him let him go. Can you tell me why Rodney Stuckey gets his shot blocked everytime he goes to the hole.

  3. Hagop says:

    No doubt, it was a great game; however, it could have gone the other way. Playing time for different players was a huge issue. One question that rose for me that i still can’t figure out is why we had the bench in the game for that much of the second half. We started the fourth quarter with the bench and didn’t get the starters back out there until we were down by one or two. No doubt, however, Rip and Rodney got really sloppy at the end of the second overtime when they drove the ball in and missed point blank shots.

    In my opinion, Keuster is lacking discipline. When we had Larry Brown as our head coach, nobody dared to say a word to him in negativity. What he said went and that’s final. For Keuster it seems like he’s just a Mickey-Mouse coach that is only there to exist. Players don’t pay much attention to him and when there’s a confrontation, all hell breaks loose.

    The key to our boys getting better is a better head coach, and I don’t mean another rookie. We need a veteran coach who knows what the hell he’s doing.

    P.S. I’ll also be at the Magic game. I hope we get a hard fought game out of them. There’s nothing more I’d like to see than a hard fought VICTORY just like the good old days.

  4. Jaime says:

    it was a good game . anyone see thatdenver is looking to trade chancey billups, wouldnt that be cool to give them some of our youngsters like stuckey and summers and get the old guys back and try to ween sheed out of retirement and maybe rip would stop wineing and we could for one more sweet run with team basketball .Im just fantising but they are trading billups. and that would be something. Go pistons.

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