Is it the Shoes? Will and his Bynum Blues

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Will Bynum has been causing quite a stir these days, and it’s not just for his play on the basketball court. His Arnie Kander approved “Bynum Blue” shoes have got everyone talking.

Bynumite Smurf


Tracy McGrady…”the smurf shoes….I find them disturbing.”
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Video courtesy of The Detroit Pistons

2 Responses to "Is it the Shoes? Will and his Bynum Blues"
  1. The Nike Hyperfuse are all the rage with NBA’ers this year. Rondo has the exact same pair in green. A couple of the Celts also had the blue ones on last year at the All-Star game and we started calling them the “Blue’s Clues shoes”.

  2. Hyperfuse has problems with sizing. You should buy +0.5 size larger (for example, if you have 10us, you should take 10.5us sizeб they run small). But then the shoes are too tight from sides. If you buy +1US, then it’s all ok, but you’ll have some space in front of medius and index fingers…

    I tried about 50 different pairs of Nike, now I have 25 at home, but, hell, no shoes has this kind of sizing problem

    I was truly happy when put CPIII mardi grass on my feet again…

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