2010-2011 Detroit Pistons Introductions

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I have two versions of the 2010-2011 Detroit Pistons intro’s for you. The first is the one form the broadcast. The second, is one that I took from my HD FlipVideo live from the game.

Detroit Pistons Intros

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons

For my version, I cut out the Kid Rock video before the intros started.

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In my opinion nothing compares to the intros of the ( 2007 and 2008 )past, but it’s always nice to see something fresh for the new season.  If you missed last season…I have that one too.

3 Responses to "2010-2011 Detroit Pistons Introductions"
  1. Serbiaz Piston says:

    Thx for the videos Nat! You’re right, you can’t compare this one with those of the past, still nice though.

  2. C-Quense says:

    It feels like some kind of farewell…

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