Will Bynum shows the NBA why the pre-season should be televised!

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Another Bynumite Dunk from Will the Thrill

Via NBA.com

17 Responses to "Will Bynum shows the NBA why the pre-season should be televised!"
  1. Stern better get this guy in the dunk contest this year. Will & Nate going head-to-head? Oh yes.

  2. Avatar Tycoon says:

    Who is Vernon Hamilton? Was he drafted? Not aware of him.

  3. Avatar Leif says:

    Tycoon, vernon hamilton was the point guard for clemson for awhile… he played in Europe for a little bit.. look him up on youtube.. he has some GREAT highlights

  4. Avatar steve francis says:




  5. Avatar Serbiaz Piston says:

    That was traveling x5 xD Nice dunk tough ­čśë

  6. Avatar James (Australia) says:

    Love the dunk. He even hesitated for a second before rising up TO DUNK ON ETAN THOMAS!!! Side note, Etan Thomas must have felt pretty bad – dunked on by a 5’11 backup PG, and blocked by a 6’7 backup center. I knew you would get this play on the site, Nat, awesome work!

  7. Avatar Josh says:


  8. Avatar daddy says:

    surprised he didnt get called for walking. very impressive but since he isnt a big time star i thought they were gonna call that.

  9. Avatar Ryan says:

    I was at the game and yes the dunk was amazing but she forgets to point out that this dunk DID NOT count, it was after the whislte.

  10. Avatar Mike B says:

    My favorite player in the NBA without a doubt. Hope to see much more of this.

  11. Avatar Drew says:

    Who’s number 50? Was that Diogu? And, yes, this dunk was after a foul call, so it was just a nice dunk during a dead ball.

  12. Avatar Tycoon says:

    Thanks Leif. Additional steps in preparation for the dunk are being let go nowadays. Thomas could have been more embarassed if he tried to challenge the shot. Bad defense nonetheless.

  13. Avatar Ryan says:

    @ Tycoon the dunk was AFTER the whistle so why would Thomas try and block a shot that DIDN’T COUNT. I swear the people on this site are retarded! For the last time this dunk came AFTER the whistle he did it just to show off for the crowd.

  14. Avatar Tycoon says:

    @Ryan my bad, thanks for correcting. I didnt hear a whistle upon watching the clip as it has no audio, I guess you are smart enough to figure that out especially when the game was not televised. I thought that play was live though.

  15. Avatar Ryan says:

    I was at the game thats why I know it was after the whistle, the dunk was nice but it’s missleading since she doesn’t state that the dunk did not count, that’s all.

  16. Avatar g says:

    look at the reaction on one of the hawks players from the bench

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