Surgical Success for Jerebko and White

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Jonas Jerebko and Terrico White both had successful surgeries Friday. Jerebko had surgery on his partially torn right Achilles tendon, and Terrico White had surgery to repair a fractured bone in his right foot.

  • White is expected to be in a cast for six weeks, followed by rehabilitation.
  • Jerebko will be out 5 to 6 months.
6 Responses to "Surgical Success for Jerebko and White"
  1. Avatar Greg says:

    Y’all take a look at this link, says some encouraging stuff about Jerebko’s tendon

    pretty much says that this Don Reid guy played for the Pistons in 95, got the same sort tendon torn but worse than Jerebko, he recovered faster than 5 monhts but now the rehab technology is so much more advanced

  2. Avatar Corey says:

    To see what Austin Daye is doing this pre-season is encouraging, and nobody has a 100% healthy career…it’s something that happens to every athlete. Wins or losses, it’s gonna be another exciting season!

  3. Avatar Perfect says:

    perfect, we have 2 injuries already in the pre season, what next? our whole team will be injured and out before the actual season. Great Luck.

  4. Avatar mathias says:

    Here you go Need4swedes on blog

    Now when hes sadly injured he got some time to blog!

    Cheers from Sweden

  5. Avatar mathias says:

    by the way its on swedish, but i hope he will put up some pic on his rehab and way back!

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