Need4Sheed on Palace/Garden Podcast

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I don’t know why people actually want to have me on their shows,  I do nothing but harrass, degrade and cause trouble.  You would think Dave and JP of The Palace/Garden would have learned their lesson the last time they asked me to join them on their podcast, but I’m sure they feel different now.

Head over to the Palace/Garden to listen to the podcast, where we talk about the Pistons issues, their strengths, their weaknesses, a little Charlie V and my inside connections at the Palace.  Dave and JP probably won’t way this, but I sure had fun on their show.

One Response to "Need4Sheed on Palace/Garden Podcast"
  1. Dave says:

    Aw, thanks for the guest spot, Natalie! Glad to have you stop by and make trouble. Jp is still huddled in a fetal position somewhere, I’m sure, crying over how dirty you made him feel for being a Celtics fan. And for that, the rest of us are grateful.

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