Download Free Pistons Tickets – Go the The Pistons – Grizzlies Game Friday for Free

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Fire in the Palace

The Pistons organization wants hardcore fans in the building Friday night for their last pre-season game against the Grizzles.

Are you a die-hard Pistons fan that can “bring it” for 41 games and stay fired up for 48 minutes per night? We are looking for the top 50 Pistons fans for the “Pistons Power Plant” fan section. The next round of tryouts will be held on Friday, October 22nd at the Pistons vs. Grizzlies preseason game, and all 50 fans selected will get season tickets for the
2010-11 season!

To register, fill out the form below. Upon registering, you will receive an e-mail with more details about tryouts for the Pistons Power Plant. You should then stop by the kiosk at section 109 on the concourse Friday night to prove how spirited you can be. Make sure to dress to impress in all your Pistons gear for the tryout!

Don’t have tickets yet for the Pistons preseason game on Friday night? Click here to print a voucher you can redeem in advance online or at The Palace Box Office.

If you do take advantage of the Power Plant contest,  please let us know.  I would absolutely love for a member of Team Need4Sheed to win.

7 Responses to "Download Free Pistons Tickets – Go the The Pistons – Grizzlies Game Friday for Free"
  1. daddy says:

    wished i lived in the d ill have to settle for watching games have fun guys

  2. Jaime says:

    I cant wait for the season to start I am a die haed Piston fan for life. I always wear a jesyr on game day . Piston shirts to work I watch all televised games even when we are getting blown out. I was privaledge enough to get second half seasons tickets during the 04 championship run I love the Palace, Go Pistons!!!

  3. Damien W. says:

    HO. LEE. CRAP. O_O

    There really sticking there foot in this “Power Plant” idea, and I love it! The only problem is that I don’t stay in Detroit. *Sad face* So, there’s no chance of me getting a opportunity to do this. Even if I did win, there is no possible way I’ll be able to go to all the home games.

    But that’s ok, I’ll be there Nov. 2nd when we take on the ‘Old’ Big Three. *Chuckle, chuckle*

  4. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    We have 4 top teams in the first 5 games of the season, it would be nice to upset someone)
    People from ESPN like Tim Legler think that we will tank this season, let’s see…
    I would be glad if The Pistons prove they wrong

  5. Ryan says:

    When does ESPN not think we will tank.
    They thought we would be swept in the 04 Finals……
    Can’t stand that network!

  6. Manmeet Gill says:

    🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PISTONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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