Coach Sheed?

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Rasheed Wallace made an appearance at the Pistons Open Practice on Saturday afternoon to the delight of many fans.   He also hung out at the Pistons practice facility Friday, while his old team hit the floor.

With the news of Sheed back in the D for whatever reason, it has to make you think.

Coach Sheed…?

Watching Sheed play in a Pistons uniform for close to 6 seasons Detroit fans know his affinity to want to teach “the young fellas”.  In fact, I’m pretty sure at least 70% of Piston die-hards have made the comment “Sheed would make a great coach” at one time or another.

Just think about it, how great would it be for Greg Monroe to learn from WallaceX2?

Sheed just brings that something special to a team, just think of the emotion he would add to the bench. And a little personal flair.

Coach Rasheed WallacePhoto/Getty Images editing

I’m sure players would respect the man when he speaks…wouldn’t you?

Listen to Coach Sheed

Photo/Getty Images editing

He has his Sheedisms and pregame rituals like just about any other player or coach in professional sports.

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons

The deep concentration of the game plan before tip-off would benefit a team that needs focus.

Pre-Game Coach Sheed

Photo/Getty Images editing

He brings with him his basketball knowledge and his mutual respect and admiration for NBA referees.

Refs Love SheedPhoto/Getty Images editing

Look, the man knows the game.  He knows this team.  He knows the city.  Why wouldn’t he want to sit on the sidelines for the Pistons and share his knowledge?

Aside from Sheed having his own Sheed Reality show (Sheedality), this would make for some great entertainment.   Come on… hire him as an assistant Joe, we still have a Need4Sheed…plus it means I can keep the site’s name without questions.

13 Responses to "Coach Sheed?"
  1. Brian says:

    Beyond great work Natalie, this one had me rolling. I would love to see Sheed on the bench with a clipboard.

  2. Lori says:

    This is the best one ever! The expressions on his face are Sheedtastic! I wonder how many techs he could get as a coach? I bet he’d set a new record! And we’d get to hear him yell “the ball don’t lie” which I gotta say I missed last year.

  3. Wade says:

    This is just pure gold! I love the pictures you made having Sheed as the coach. Man having him on the sidelines would be great. I guess having him hang out at the Palace eliminates the rumor of him returning for the playoffs with the Celtics! Atta boy Sheed!

  4. Tycoon says:

    Whether he’ll be part of the coaching or not, he’s appearance at the open practice is something to appreciate.

  5. Cindy says:

    Fan-Fricken-Tastic! Put a smile on my face during this painful time of waiting for the actual season to begin!

  6. Franz says:

    This is why I love this site. Great work.

  7. Grebe says:

    I LIKE IT.

  8. The Fan says:


  9. daddy says:

    nice photoshop work seriously the best thing ive seen in a while. sheedamania

  10. Amer-ican Prince says:

    wow you really outdone yourself for this one. i mean i absolutely laughed loved and laughed again at how much i loved this post. i think sheed would make a great coach and i think his casual approach would actually make him a better coach then player. i think being on the sidelines he would be one of the most perfectionist coaches ever lol

    sheed and jj need to make a baby cause theres a need for a swede sheed.

  11. Chad says:

    Bring him back at the vets minimum.. why not.

  12. grrrrrrrreat says:

    with jj out for the season the idea of player/coach sheed is actually worth the vet min, at least… wonder if he’s anywhere close to being able to get into game shape by novermber.

  13. Beast!!lol says:

    Will Sheed Come Back To Play!!..??? He should!! He’s got more juice left…

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