T-Mack Tooned

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Cartoon Tracy McGradyYou knew it was coming,  so here it is. I  honestly  never thought I would EVER be making a Tracy McGrady toon.  But then again I said the same thing  about Allen Iverson. Lets hope the situation turns out entirely different for the Pistons.

5 Responses to "T-Mack Tooned"
  1. Sweet! And dead-on also..let me know when you do the “Aztec Gino” toon. Will be getting it on t-shirts hopefully..

  2. James (Austrlia) says:

    Awesome work as usual, Nat.

    Anyone know what has happened to http://www.pistonpowered.com/ ?

  3. timjames says:

    i know its not funny but i c u got the lazy eye pretty good but im happy to have t-mac with us

  4. Beast!!lol says:

    Hows can t-mac not get that playing time or get the ball when its time for big shots!!! And ESPN be telling lies…T-Mac had last season with the Knicks..3 20 point games!!! Let him show whats good!! He’s not done!!! They said the same thing about Antonio and he proved to be great name for Detroit…

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