Let’s Play the Pistons “What If” Game

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It was one of those days where I had time to search through my Sheeednormous video archive when I happened to stumble across a good one.

It’s a top ten what if’s that have sealed the fate of our Detroit Pistons.  What makes me think a little more since the last time I watched this video (about 2 seasons ago) is what has happened since this video was put together and the uncertainty around what twists and turns we are in for once the team has a new owner.
[flashvideo file=http://need4sheed.com/videos/flash_videos/what_if.flv /]
Video Courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons.

8 Responses to "Let’s Play the Pistons “What If” Game"
  1. Avatar Amber says:

    Great video!

    My biggest “what if”…..What if Joe D. wasn’t obsessed with shooting guards and didn’t get 500 and actually got a point guard and a few big men? Hmmm

  2. Avatar Lori says:

    What if, after Carmelo leaves Denver, the Nuggets decide that Chauncey is too old. They buy him out and he decides, just as Ben Wallace did, to come back and retire as a Piston? His leadership and mentoring skills are awesome!

  3. Avatar Magoo says:

    What if could get Carmello and Chauncey. That would be Awesome. Sounds like they are trading carmello…

  4. Avatar junior says:

    what if . . . . we just root for the team we have and support their efforts. what then?

  5. Avatar Cindy J says:

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Right answer, Junior! We need to just support the incredible team we have and stop all the complaining!

  6. Avatar junior says:

    what if. . . . natalie didnt invite boney onboard. man i would be depressed, i like messing with him.

  7. Avatar Danny Bohnlein says:

    I am actually a girl…

    jk, scared you didn’t I!!

  8. Avatar Chad says:

    What if Joe D had drafted Carmelo.

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