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Around The Way Stuckey and Bynum

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    1. Chad says:

      Love the optimism but the Pistons are easily the worst team in the league on paper.

      Well maybe not easily… it’s between them and the cavs.

    2. Go Pistons! 2010 says:

      Well after after Stuckey said that on paper the pistons are the best team in the league. I put this to the test…. I ran out and purchased some rolling “paper s” (because the pistons are my favorite team I made sure to fill this one with my favor ???) wrote all 30 teams on each one and well after smoking all 30 I too agree with stuckey. disclaimer: results may be different if using something other then rolling papers.

    3. James (Austrlia) says:

      The problem Stuckey has is that the NBA is played on wood, not paper.

      David Aldridge reports that the Nuggets tried to pry Hamilton from the Pistons. I wonder what they were prepared to give up in return? I would hate to find out that they were offering Nene, but I highly doubt they would have.

    4. Jake says:

      LOL stuck gave me a good laugh but they for sure will win 40 games this season ( i hope )

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