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Jimi Hendrix Rasheed WallaceWhat will we do without a little Rasheed Wallace when the 2010-2011 basketball season is upon us?

Now that Rasheed will be doing other things with his time while we are busy keeping up with the NBA I couldn’t help but reminisce about his memorable times in a Pistons uniform.  So I decided to start a recurring segment here on Need4Sheed called Nostalgia SheedStalgia.

Before I start bringing you ridiculous quotes or amazing shots he called glass on, I decided to bring back something that pretty much made this website what it is.

Sheed Vs. StewieSheed vs. Stewie

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12 Responses to "Remembering Sheed – Sheedstalgia"
  1. Diogenes says:

    I’m a big Rasheed Wallace fan – and I always have been. “Both teams played hard” – and he was cutting through layers of contrived BS from the beginning. Now you can knock Sheed for whatever – he was this or that – but ask yourself this – what have you done? Seriously? Ever win a ring? Ever play in an all star game? Critics have no talent. He did it his way. What have you done at all?

    The ball don’t lie and Sheed is the real deal. You haters go back to your Krispy Kremes, and your magic eight ball. Don’t bring up that Horry play either – it’s one play – one play does not the game make. The best team won that series. Sorry. He gave us the 04 trophy so show some respect. Man I am pissed at you detractors big time!

  2. Ameri-can Prince says:

    i agree with some people say, he is going to wait it out til midseason then sign with a team, we know he hates the regular season, but i dont think he can handle not being in the spotlight just yet

  3. Jake says:

    i agree sheed aint done yet

  4. Susie says:

    Come on home Sheed, just come on home

  5. cliff says:


  6. daddy says:

    wallce squared its happening this year

  7. The Fan says:

    a la sheedness!

  8. Nik says:

    What are the chances chauncey and melo come to Detroit?

  9. The Fan says:

    Sheedzilla!!! Chances Melo comes to detroit are


  10. junior says:

    ughh 3 and a half more weeks till training camp, man im so dam bored. at least u of m football is starting, im going to the u mass game and the bowling green game. yay. lions do good this year i hope.

  11. junior says:
    great article on my man stuckey. from

  12. Sauce1977 says:

    I will always miss Rasheed Wallace.

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