I Miss Pistons Fans so…I’m Giving Something Away!

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Due to my unmistakable awesomeness me being extremely busy, I have neglected my fellow Pistons fans. While Danny is doing a great job keeping you busy and up to date, I’m doing by best to stalk keep up with our favorite players.

As an “I’m sorry,” I’m giving away one of my Favorite Need4Sheed T-Shirts to one lucky Pistons Fan.

This one is easy to win, just Follow Me and Danny on Twitter and Tweet the exact phrase below.

Just like @Need4Sheed_com, I think George Blaha is Awesome!  #CountThatBabyAndAFOUL

Count That Baby and A FoulWhy Blaha? Because he’s the man, and because he’s being inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.

I’ll be taking entries all week and will announce the winner (picked at random) on Friday August 27th.

Also be on the lookout for the Will Bynum interview and the Winner of the Limited Edition BYNUMITE T-Shirt.

8 Responses to "I Miss Pistons Fans so…I’m Giving Something Away!"
  1. Avatar Ameri-can Prince says:

    natalie your always awesome ­čÖé

    speaking of tshirts im just bored right now so how about a tshirt where jason “the baby eater” maxiell is eating a baby and theres a chicken next to him (or it could be some fried chicken bucket)with george blaha’s face on it going “count that baby and a fowl”

    ok that got my dork out im gonna go hop in the fridge and be cool now

    keep up the good work

  2. Avatar timjdoyle says:

    Done. That is my favorite t-shirt you sell. Blaha has remained a constant over the past 20+ years for the Pistons, and I cherish every moment he is on the mic. George just plain rules.

  3. Avatar James (Australia) says:

    I miss you Natalie! Thanks for reminding us how awesome you are!

  4. Avatar Miniman says:

    Hey Natalie there’s a Ben Gordon interview at ESPN.com check it out.

  5. Avatar Laser says:

    you think you miss pistons fans now? give it a few more seasons. they’ll be an endangered species.

  6. Avatar Nate says:

    Laser, you remind me of the Debbie Downer sketch on SNL. I agree with everyone else, part of the fun of watching a Pistons game is listening to Blaha.

  7. Avatar Lori says:

    We missed you too, Natalie!

  8. I know I’ve said this before but I miss Natalie and her unshakable awesomeness. Her unshakable awesomeness is so sexy to me.

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