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Let’s obsess about the 2010 together!

The Pistons have the number 7 pick in the 2010 NBA draft Thursday night, so I find it fitting for Pistons fans to do this together. Join me at 7pm for a Live Chat as all the action goes down, so we can pick apart the 2010-2011 Detroit Pistons NBA Season before it starts.

The action starts at 7:00 PM Thursday June 24th, 2010 and will be televised on ESPN and (most likely) criticized here at by myself and my fellow Pistons fans.

I’ll also be doing a little tweeting, so if you can’t join us in the live chat, make sure you’re following me on Twitter for updates.

32 Responses to "Live Blogging the NBA Draft"
  1. daddy says:

    hopefully we get to have our pick. i really dont want cousins i think he is a cancer and will not live up to his ability. hopefully we trade up and get favorssssss.

  2. Magoo says:

    there’s a whole lot of trade speculation. If we could trade for Chris Paul, and then get a big with the 7th pick.
    that would be something. has Joe D. picking Cole Aldrich

  3. junior says:

    wtf is up with cv?

  4. Sleepy Crayfish says:

    Cole Aldrich? Ewww…

    Give me Cousins, Monroe or Aminu and I’ll be happy.

  5. Jesse says:

    Supposedly, Ed Davis is the pick at the moment. Not thrilled with that myself; I don’t see what he brings to the table that the team doesn’t already have….

  6. junior says:

    The Golden State Warriors will draft Monroe with the sixth pick, and sources say the Detroit Pistons have settled on North Carolina’s Ed Davis with the seventh choice.

    – Adrian Wojnarowski, 5:05 p.m. ET, June 23


  7. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    Apparently Minnesota is offering 16+23+Al Jefferson to Detroit for 7+Tayshaun Prince+Chris Wilcox. Not sure Detroit goes for that…

    stupid trade?

  8. BigBen says:

    I want Detroit to trade Tayshaun “Old Man” Prince and Cole Aldrich, ( if they draft him) to the Sixers for the 2nd pick, Evan Turner and Elton Brand. Now that is a good trade! =)

  9. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    Or Tay+Wilcox+36th pick for Al Jefferson+4th pick)))

    Sounds amazing)

  10. Lori says:

    I want Udoh!!

  11. Joe says:

    I really hope we get Cousins. He’s not a bad guy… more of a harmless, Zack Randolph type. Randolph has never really had any major character issues, he just got a bad rap playing for such crappy teams.

    Anyway, Cousins is harmless; he just has bad judgement like all teenagers do. Detroit is the perfect team to help him mature. And with his size and talent, he’s the only player in this draft with the potential to become a truly dominant NBA center. That’s what really matters. So I actually think we should trade up to #4 or #5 to make sure we can get him.

  12. SdotThomas says:

    Best option:

    Twolves Trade
    4th Pick

    Pistons Trade
    7th Pick

    Twolves get the wing players they need so badly. They want to move Jefferson as well. Sessions will not have any room on that team IF Rubio ever plays there. About $18 Million in expiring contracts.

    Pistons get a PG they really need as well as a low post threat. With the 4th pick we could get Cousins or Monroe.

    Pistons Starting Lineup would be: Sessions, Hamilton, Jerebko, Jefferson and Cousins/Monroe. Bench Support Gordon, Daye, Charlie V, Maxiell, Summers and possibly Big Ben and Bynumite if they resign.

    Everyone wins.

    Idea submitted by

  13. 313amare says:

    Dude, you may need Cousins at your batchler party but you need him on your Pistons’ team that was softer than my belly!!!

  14. 313amare says:

    It’s Cousins for me or bust!Enough of the jump shooting extravaganza!!!

  15. James (Australia) says:

    I really don’t think Sessions is an upgrade over Stuckey.

    I want Udoh for the pick if we don’t trade up or someone doesn’t fall.

  16. daddy says:

    never say aldrich and detriot he is not the type of player we need and i dont think he will last in th league. with the draft you dont know what will happen until the draft starts because thats when teams start really trading. heard the nets were gonna get johnson instead of favors to offer bait to trade so you never know.

  17. junior says:

    sessions? im sorry i think we will keep stuckey.

  18. daddy says:

    seriously sessions i forgot to mention i laughed at that he cant not run a team. i think rodney got some good advice from billups and will be much better this year. he is not going anywhere.

  19. Mr. Anderson says:

    Our best option would be to trade Tay, Wilcox and #7 for Minny’s Big Al, #16 and #24.

    We could get maybe Whiteside or Sanders and another big with the picks, and still have Jefferson.

    It would make Maxiell be more ‘expendable’ to be included on a trade.

  20. The Fan says:


  21. junior says:

    i say trade tay, wilcox, and maxi, 7th pick for al and 4th pick

  22. Joe Dumars says:

    Wow i wish i could draft darko again hes my guy!.. Oh gosh how i hate the draft i just dont know how to do it! Call me retarded its ok.

  23. WOOT says:


  24. Ahmed says:

    Welcome to Detroit Greg Monroe. Great pick at 7. I see him as starter and a very big contributor

  25. Sable says:

    Welcome Monroe! Unselfish, skilled, passing big man! Seems like a good guy as well:

  26. rai_from_the_philippines says:

    hope Monroe gets to be as good as his predecessors from Georgetown like Mourning, Mutombo, Ewing

  27. Drew says:


  28. junior says:

    dajuan summers

  29. The Fan says:

    Bynum, Stuckey, Hamilton, Gordon, …. and now White. Lovely! WTF

  30. Sable says:

    You’re looking for players who can make it in the NBA. If those players happen to play at a position you’re loaded at, so be it. It gives you trade options down the line.

  31. Bugs says:

    BTW Terrico White has a 40 inch vertical leap. At least we will have some entertainment next season. Also he is the #3 ranked PG in the draft so it is not too bad a pick. Better than a big with no upside that wouldn’t play anyway. Next job is signing a big with the MLE. I hear Gortat is being shopped by Orlando.

  32. junior says:

    the fan you have no clue do you? in the second round you are lucky to find someone that is going to make the team in the second round, so you dont draft for need then that is the first round. this round u go for talent and white is very talented has a huge upside. he was projected to go in the 20’s we got a steal

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