Charlie Villanueva Charged with Domestic Assault

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The Associated Press:

The Toronto Star is reporting that Detroit Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva faces a charge of domestic assault after a May 19 incident in Burlington, Ontario.

The newspaper reported that the 25-year-old Villanueva was released by Halton Regional Police on a promise to appear in court on July 9. The name of complainant and other details about the incident weren’t available Tuesday.

10 Responses to "Charlie Villanueva Charged with Domestic Assault"
  1. Jesse says:

    Mmm Hmm….

  2. daddy says:

    work on taking shots on court and not at ppl come on cv

  3. daddy says:

    sorry better yet work in the post and getting rebound and most important defense

  4. junior says:

    leave the man alone. hes been working hard all offseason to get better. im sure this is a misunderstanding or someone trying to get money from him for nothing.

  5. Imran says:

    I knew JoeD’s investment in this guy wouldn’t work out. We now know he’s a bum on AND off the court

  6. junior says:

    The Golden State Warriors will draft Monroe with the sixth pick, and sources say the Detroit Pistons have settled on North Carolina’s Ed Davis with the seventh choice.

    – Adrian Wojnarowski, 5:05 p.m. ET, June 23

  7. WTF? says:

    Charlie V, get out of Detroit. We don’t want you, you take too many bad shots. You are inconsistent, you do not post up. and you get arrested. What next?

  8. pistons 4 life says:

    Any way you look at it I don’t see how this team gets that much better in the next couple of weeks. If Joe doesn’t make a trade we’re stuck with the same roster we had last year plus whoever they draft. And we SUCKED last year.

  9. pistons 4 life says:

    @WTF, Not saying I like the guy but don’t blame him for Dumars signing him. If Joe screws up this draft or any trades I think his job might be on the line.

  10. James (Australia) says:

    Lets bring out the old “innocent until proven guilty” shall we?
    We don’t know the full story so don’t judge just because of an overzealous journalist.

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