Is it wrong that this feels so right?

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It was quite a season for Pistons fans. With the uncertainty of all that is Detroit Basketball hanging in what may or may not happen this summer, it’s the little things that have a way of making us smile.

I can say with the utmost certainty that I am not, nor will I ever be a Boston Celtics fan, but I would like to thank them for the utter joy they have sent my way.

It’s also nice that we saw the “good Sheed” last night do his part against those awful bunch from Ohio. Sheed scored 13 with 3 boards, 2 steals and a blocked shot in 23 minutes off the bench for Boston.

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I’m not a fan of a thing that is associated with the city of Cleveland. The Cavaliers and their fans just rub me the wrong way. Now I don’t like the Celtics or the Lakers or the Bulls for that matter, but there is just something about the attitudes given off from almost every Cavalier fan that I have ever come across that just makes me angry.

It could be the fact, in 2006 I traveled to CLE for the Pistons playoff series and I was spit on and a beer thrown on me for wearing a Pistons jersey. Or during that same game when I watched four, forty something men heckle and pick on a 70 year old Pistons fan while she was trying to watch the game with her 10 year old grandson.  And when “they” make the trip to the Palace every year to see the only thing they have had going for them, while wearing their #23 jerseys, only bad things come of it.

Anti LeBronLook, I dislike LeBron….a lot, though I can admit that he is one of best ballers I have ever seen play the game. I would love to punch Varejoke where it counts, I hate the fact that Gilbert and his crew tried to rip off anything they could from the Pistons just because he wanted to buy them but was shot down. There is just so much that makes me cringe when it comes to the Cavs, but today when I think of them it’s all smiles.

Is it wrong to be happy about other people’s misery?  Yes it is, but if we are talking Cavs fans…it’s fair game.  As Pistons fans we have seen our fair share of trolls here and now it’s time to say…..Suck it! We know we aren’t a good team, but good luck all summer sitting on your hands waiting for “The Chosen One” to decide your fate. Hey Cleveland…you deserve it!

47 Responses to "Is it wrong that this feels so right?"
  1. Natalie your thoughts are exactly my thoughts.

  2. The Fan says:

    Muahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha… Suckit Cleveland. Muahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha.

    Nat that pic is Sheedtastic!!!

  3. The Fan says:

    I have one more thing to add. The pistons ended their season with a win. lol

  4. Jaz says:


  5. Montana Badboy says:

    Love this article. Love it! Glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. Rock on Detroit, we’ll be back. Oh yeah almost forgot, Suck it Clevland

  6. Hlmk says:

    I’m a celtics fan (i like the pistons as well though) it was great to see them beat the cavs, and I dunno if anyone watched game 6 but SHEED had the dagger 3-pointer that sealed the game.

    It was great at the end of the game everyone was chanting “New York Knicks!”

  7. EMan says:

    The word you’re looking for is “Schadenfreude.” Leave it to the Germans to come up with such as word.

  8. Wade says:

    Thanks natalie for making this kick ass headline. that pic of yours with sheed steppin over varachoke is going to be my FB background! GUARANSHEED

  9. The Fluidics says:

    Yeah, I was rooting like all hell for Boston, simply because Cavs fans are such asses. But it’s hard to even call them Cavs fans. They all wear the same jersey, every one of them, every time. I would love nothing more than to see James move, and all of those jerseys instantly become throwbacks. Nobody is making the Cleavland drive to see Mo Williams play.
    But now that Lebron is out, I can go back to hating on the whole Eastern Conference, and root for whoever comes out of the West.

  10. Go Pistons says:

    I agree with you I couldn’t of said it better myself I just knew the cavs wouldn’t win because being a piston fan and seeing how they have tried to steal “OUR” piston identity they forgot to fire the coach he had taken them as far as he could they should of fired him and hired Larry Brown .. ha,ha,ha,ha.. We did it without a superstar we did it with a true team so again we get the last laugh because we did get a championship out of it what did the cavs get?…. and even if Lebron returns they have no money to build around him so piston fan we didn’t make the playoff and the copy cat Cavs have once again failed to be like us…. So I ask who’s the better “TEAM” can’t wait for next season GO PISTON! FAKE A$$ CAVS and after watching lebron play I see why he gave up 23 and took 6 because it rhymes with…..
    oooh Nat did you hear internet rumors have it Lebron was upset because his team mate D.West was doing his mother> search lebron james…

  11. heatfan3 says:

    heat fan here. how do u guys feel about the heat? i miss our rivary games in the eastern finals. i respected the pistons.

  12. The Fluidics says:

    I hate all teams in the east BUT the Pistons. I respect the Heat.

  13. Pistonparker says:

    I go to school in Cleveland and it is funny how all of these guys being dumb sayin how great their no championship team is, are now silent.

  14. Fariduddin Muhammad says:

    well put! i was all smiles yesterday! and i hate the Celtics…, but i have to admit that i do respect numerous players on their squad.. i would personally like to see Celtics vs Lakers…

    BTW!!!!!! i heard on the radio station in chicago that West from the Cavs had a sexual relationship with Lebron’s mother, which created extreme tension in the locker room…. something to consider when watching the dis-unity in the last game…

  15. #1 pistons fan says:

    can we get some gd trades this summer please
    i say leBron to new york…….

  16. PB says:


  17. James (Australia) says:

    WOW! So did not see this choke by the Cavs, so happy all the same!! Couldn’t happen to a nicer team.

    LeBron’s effort in game 5 was laughable. What happened to Antawn Jamison??? Could go down as one of the worst trades for the Cavs. No trophy, maybe no LeBron, and how ever much longer they have to keep overpaying Jamison.

    Only the Cavs could turn such a talented roster into mediocrity.

    One downside. I hope LeBron decides to stay in Cleveland for this reason…don’t want him to go to the Bulls – Noah, Rose, and James as your core? that would be impressive.

  18. Diogenes says:

    I hate Ohio with the passionate heat of one thousand burning suns. What an ugly turnpike state. I think it’s very nice that all of their pro teams will suck until kingdom come. Lebron can go to the Knicks and fold under pressure there – like Barkley he can wander and win nada. I hope the Magic kick the crap out of the Celitcs and the Lakers. I hope Joe D gets us back on track. You better get it done Joe.

  19. Diogenes says:

    In spite of that I think Lebron is truly great and even a good guy. We can’t hold him guilty by association with that crap ass state of Olowo.

  20. Sleepy Crayfish says:

    Great post. The Celtics really won me over this series. They just played the game the way it was supposed to be played while Cleveland got stuck in drama mode. Plus I’m always rooting for Sheed, even though he doesn’t see much time on the floor anymore. Never been a Cavs fan, but I do feel bad for LeBron. I don’t know what got into him, but it looked to me like there was something personal bothering him those last two or three games, in addition to The Elbow of course. Ohio does suck though…

  21. nik says:

    I am rooting for Nash and the Suns.

  22. STEVE says:



  23. Dee Troit 4 Life! says:

    There’s no King in Cleveland! Only a Queen! haha!

  24. Jayg108 says:

    Though, I’ve never liked Ferry, his decision about not wanting to play for the Clippers was shitty and classless, and that’s how I remember him. (Even though the Clippers owner is even shittier than that) Regardless, I’m hoping justice gets served to Ferry by Lebron going to a different team.

    May 18th is coming soon! Let the #1 ball roll to Detroit.

  25. Janet says:

    LOVE the graphic …. and great write up too.

    I am not impressed with the Cleveland fans who have given Pistons fans abuse.

    I am not sure who I want to win from the East finals, give me some time to think lol.

  26. Made me smile too Nat…that and Crybaby Crosby being ousted by the Habs!lol

    Though Boston (basketball) and Montreal(hockey) were the banes of my existance as a kid!!!
    Ditto Yankees in baseball.

    So us(tigers) taking the series from them as well this week was GREAT!!!

    Will share your thoughts with my elder always make her smile.
    I visit her in the nursing home several times a week.
    She is a huge Pistons fan.
    She is excited about Sheed making to the east finals again…even though it’s with those D*** celts!

  27. #1 pistons fan says:

    ORLANDO ALL THE WAY?????????

  28. Ben says:

    SUCK IT!!!! LeBron!!!

  29. Ben says:

    SUCK II! LeBorn!

  30. Richie says:

    Haha, this was a beautifully written post, Nat.

  31. terry says:

    Let me check my wish list…. Pistons get a lottery pick; check! Lebron getting knocked out in the early rounds; double check! All I need now is the pick to jump into the top three, and for the Magic to beat the Celts. I’ll settle for one out those last two things.

  32. terry says:

    Do I dare include the Suns Knocking off the Lake show? All that smugness from Phil Jackson every year just pisses me off.

  33. Kyle says:


  34. Zkranc says:

    You ask him if he likes this time of year — Sheed won a championship with the Pistons, after all — he says, “Hell, yeah, this is what I enjoy.”

    And he offered a thoroughly researched and highly scientific reason for why the Magic connected on only 41 percent against the Celtics, 5-of-22 on 3-pointers.

    “A lot of them jump shots, people’s butts got tight,” he said. “Make sure you guys print all of that.”

    that’s classic Sheed xD

  35. PistonFanForever says:

    Amen!!! Great article. two things that annoy me about LaBra – I can’t stand the throwing of the powder. Maybe in your house – but not in mine!! The other thing and this is really a complaint about sports casters in general. All they talk about is Labron. For heaven sakes he lost in the playoffs, and you turn on the sports channel and they are still talking about him. No wonder his ego can’t be contained in Cleveland. Let it go guys, let it go!

  36. adam b says:

    @Pistonsfan101 LOL, yeah, they can have him!

  37. daddy says:

    lebron to the nets. harris lopez, money, and lotto pick they can become a great team and within a few years be a contender. not a lebron fan one bit and seeing sheed hit the dagger just made me so happy. some bogus calls for the cavs but BALL DONT LIE.

  38. edt says:

    nat you said it for all of us, thanks

    i actually admit I kind of like lebron. Because he really is a decent guy.

  39. Klop says:

    it is O so RIGHT to be happy about misery of Cleveland.
    now all we need is BOston to LOOOOOOOSE

    and Orlando Phoenix in the Finals
    that way i will be happy for whoever wins

  40. Joe says:

    Right on!! And what’s up with Varejao begging the ref to stop the game because he was bleeding??!! What a wimp. So what if you’re bleeding? It’s bad enough that he did it, but on DEFENSE?? Leaving his team to go 4 on 5?? Hello??
    Furthermore, that team just flat out quit. With about 2 minutes to go, they just quit. Losers. Go Pistons!!

  41. mark says:

    i am right there with you Nat! LeBron is just like Crosby for the Pens and the fans are the same. I went to Pitt the last two years for the finals and the fans were a$$$$$$$$$holes!! the were vicious to all Detroit fans. my buddy had his dad who is 70 with him and people were standing in his face giving him the finger telling him to f-off among other obsenities. Crosby is a jerk and nothing made me happier than seeing them knocked out by Montreal

  42. JJ33 says:

    i like it better if sheed don’t win at boston at all..
    it would be better if he only won the ring in Detroit.

    so that, Sheed could say Detroit was his only home.. : )

  43. hari says:

    best best

  44. hari says:



  45. Obviousman says:

    Are the Pistons still even in the league? Haven’t heard a peep out of them for years. Are Mahorn and Laimbeer still their stars? And Isaiah whatshisname? We here in Los Angeles tend to focus on our local squads….

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