A New Pistons Anthem from Local Detroit Band Slight Return

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Pistons fans know that Detroit has a way to go to get back to their Championship ways. Not only do we have hope, and the upcoming draft, we have a new Pistons Anthem to help us along the way.

Local Detroit band Slight Return celebrate everything from the 2004 Championship to the Bad Boys in their new song The Pistons.
Slight Return

As an extra added bonus they play homage to the man himself, Chuck Daly.

Chuck Daly

Take a listen to The Pistons by Slight Return feat. Omar Binno.


Head on over to SlightRetrun.com com to check out the band and Download the Song.

14 Responses to "A New Pistons Anthem from Local Detroit Band Slight Return"
  1. Avatar Mannie says:

    this is turrible kenny, just turrible

    haha I kid… respect to them for attempting to create a pistons anthem

  2. Avatar Jim says:

    Great song!!!!!! Thanks for the effort guys!!!

    Repeat the Beat of the Bad Boys!!!!!!

  3. Avatar Jim says:

    Great song, thanks guys!

    Let’s repeat the Beat of the Bad Boys!!!

  4. Avatar John Saroki says:

    phenomenal song… i could picture this being the pistons theme song. Great beat.. easy to sing along with. Good choice of words! Would easily get me hyped up if i was at the game!!

  5. Avatar The Fan says:

    Bosh and Cousins this summer. PISTONS MUST HAVES!!!!

  6. Avatar Diogenes says:

    Hey – I heard an awesome song about Detlef Schrempf – it goes like this:

    Detlef Schrempf , Detlef Schrempf , Detlef Schrempf – where are you?

    Detlef Schrempf , Detlef Schrempf , Detlef Schrempf – what do you do?

    Detlef, D-d-d- Detlef, your stronger, crazy stronger, than crazy or super glue.

    This is just verse one. I will post one verse a week. I hear rumors Detlef will sign with Detroit this year. We will have Slight Return sing the song in his honor.

  7. Avatar Diogenes says:

    I also heard a rumor that Bison Dele is back – never was dead – and he was just making a twisted and very long joke about being dead. He will start at the five for the Stones next year. With Schrempf at the three and Dele at the five we are a lock for the eastern conference finals.

  8. Avatar Jesse says:

    Listening to this I get the same feeling I did when Pistons ticket promotions came on TV during this season… They would have Blaha screaming and going crazy, and the crowd jumping up and down, and Ben ferociously swatting shots and Tay throwing down a monster dunk and everything was all hyped and insane…. and I would be sitting there thinking to myself “Are we talking about the team here? Because that hardly resembles this Pistons squad”.

  9. Avatar The Fluidics says:

    I’m just anxiously awaiting the Cavs exit tomorow night, and knowing that Cleveland fans will stop coming to Detroit for games once Lebron bolts, and if they do come, they won’t have a jersey to wear. That would make this past Pistons season worthwhile.

  10. Avatar Wade says:

    Natalie, make a headline about sheed. He is 2/4 from downtown and has 12 points.. this is crazy im cheering for sheed with all my heart. But it sucks he isnt reppin the Detroit Jersey.

  11. Avatar Diogenes says:

    There is a kick ass interview on the Jim Rome show with Hubie Brown. Check it out – that guy is a guru of the B-ball.

  12. Avatar Ryan says:

    Sheed tore it up last night. And no more Lebron once again!!! GO CELTS

  13. Avatar terry says:

    Let me check my wish list…. Pistons get a lottery pick; check! Lebron getting knocked out in the early rounds; double check! All I need now is the pick to jump into the top three, and for the Magic to beat the Celts. I’ll settle for one out those last two things.

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